Lights Out Sharpe-ish

After lights out its a great temptation for senior lads to lark about in their dormitories. It’s that time in their lives when over confidence is high. However, college borders need a good nights rest to get on with the work they need to pass important forthcoming final exams.

Virtually every night now a boy is ascending the stairs to report to the housemaster for causing a problem in the dorm, all nervously expecting a good spaning.

The first this week is Phillips (Alessandro Katz) The Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) has grown very tired of this behaviour now and intends to make some examples.

Starting with Phillips

Unluckily for Phillips he already has already brought the instrument of discipline needed with him on his left foot.


Ordered to kneel on a footstool, bare bottom raised high, his own carpet slipper will burn his uplifted bare bottom a scorching red.

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The slippering is then followed by a good over the knee spanking, which will no doubt have the desired behavioural effect.







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Lights Out Sharpe-ish – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

One thought on “Light Out Sharpe-ish (Part 1 of 2) – Plus Video Preview”
  1. I absolutely love it when the guys are punished with implements first even though I don’t necessarily watch those scenes but knowing that they’re starting there OTK spanking with an already sore bottom is so enticing… like a chocolate cake you know it gonna be a real treat of satisfaction and very satisfactory it is. My favourite clip with this type of situation is “The Governor 8” when Leonardo gets caned and Marco still goes on to give him a good long hard OTK spanking Rapid Fire and all that particular scene with Leonardo is a real staple for this type of punishment. Fabulous!! 😀

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