Long Overdue

Long Overdue

Jerry (Luke Geer) is late with the rent again and now the landlord (Ryan Conway) has had enough its time for Jerry to pay one way or another!

Mr Conaway tells Jerry to get on his knees on the bed whilst he retrieves the stinging riding crop ready to administer a good set of cracking hits starting on his shorts ..


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.. and finishing on his bare, well rounded, bottom.

But it doesn’t end there, on no its no time for a long overdue, and deliberately humiliating, spanking on top of Jerry’s already sore backside, making sure that, in future, the rent is definitely paid on time!




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4 comments on “Long Overdue

  1. Well done Sting team. A modern problem solved the good old way. Crowned with a wheelbarrow to my great delight. Ryan has moderately reminded him of his duties but if this happens again it will definitely be harder for luke 🙂 Both actors have convinced and a great camera work. By my opinion: a good film! thanks for that.
    Best regards

  2. Hi Well spanked ass nice to see a lad with tattoos who thinks he may be to old and big to have is backside tanned.well he found out that he was not to have his pants taken down just fab to see.Thank you Sting

  3. This is a great video especially the moment Ryan pulls down Lukes shorts and begins to put Luke in his place. Would be great to see Luke again soon. Any plans to bring him back?

    Finn also must be overdue for another visit – maybe sporting some dark coloured briefs under those shorts..

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