Martin’s Mistake

There is a blockage in the water system and the plumber is called. The owner has to go out, so he leaves the money for the job on the plumber’s toolbox.

A lad who lives in the house, Martin (Curtis Cameron) comes in for a shower and sees the money which he then swipes.

Unlucky for him, it’s not long before the plumber gets the idea of what’s happened and Martin is dragged in to the bathroom by his ear.


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Looking flushed he will now learn a sharp lesson about honesty and that will start with him going over the plumber knee for a good spanking

Followed by a good dose of the hard wooden brush!




Martin’s Mistake – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Martin’s Mistake – in Standard Definition


An HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Martin’s Mistake”
  1. Great to see everything up and running again. Curtis has become a firm favourite of mine along with Finn. These two would make an ideal pairing together, preferably in school uniform, as Sting used to produce in the past. Any chance of this in forthcoming productions ?

  2. I fully concur with Swanlad. School scenes are always my preference and Sting have long forgotten it was these which made them a success.

  3. @Michel Brown

    I’m sorry I disagree! I bought STINGS school themed clips years ago not because I liked the school theme (I quite disliked it actually) but I bought the content to see the SPANKING ACTION regardless of the theme which I sometimes knew I didn’t like so my customs didn’t attribute to Sting being “only successful” for doing school themes and that’s a very narrow way to look at things there so much more in-between. I also believe there’s only so much you can do with that said theme so I believe that Sting need too and have too adapt with the times we live if they only ever produced such content it would be very boring for many of us.

  4. With regard to school themed stories, Sting is aware that these are very popular with a significant part of their audience, whereas others, often from a younger demographic, do not relate to school based discipline, or indeed to school uniforms. Therefore, it is necessary to produce content which appeals to both groups.

    Sting does continue to feature school themed content quite regularly, for instance “Kiwis College 20” which was released last week. However, also included in the mix are other themes, including the modern day domestic scenarios which a number of fans prefer

  5. My point seems to have been missed, I was merely pointing out that Sting have not featured a school themed video where two are being disciplined together for some time. In my opinion and it is only an opinion, this type of scenario was responsible for Sting becoming such a successful studio and many of your loyal customers like myself would agree that this is what Sting do best.

    1. We all have our preferences for what themes we like but back when Sting wasn’t making modern content the action was more important to me than the themes so even if I wasn’t keen on the settings the quality of the action became important to me having good content something of quality is important especially well it’s comes to actual spanking techniques etc that’s what made Sting appealing to me in my opinion and to me that was what made them successful.

  6. Here here Swanlad. We may be lone voices on here but there are many who agree with us. I did anticipate Lukes thoughts!! If only there was a new site which catered for our likes.

    1. Catered for your likes maybe you should spend the afternoon counting the amount of content that has been catered for people who share your tastes. Almost all of the early content from Sting was exactly what you asked for and up until this very day Sting still create such content however there’s now a variety for everyone to enjoy I think that everyone’s pretty much catered for here at Sting. Even at times if there is content that I don’t enjoy I can’t deny that the variety is enough to please everyone, right up to CFNM.

      I think we are all well catered for. 😉

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