Member Update – Trouble for Jack

 The latest update to the Member’s area is Trouble for Jack  Staring Rudi

Jack (Rudi Vallance) seems to keep getting himself in to a load of trouble. He can’t control his temper and again has stuck another lad whilst training in the gym.

Tired of this behaviour his guardian decides to take action. Maybe if the lad feels a bit of pain himself he won’t be so ready to dish it out to others.



Still wearing his gym kit Jack is immediately taken over the knee and a sound spanking begins, firstly over his blue running shorts ….
…and then on his rounded and muscular bare bottom.
A bit of a shock for a lad who’s not used to this type of humiliation usually reserved for younger boys.


In true form the punishment doesn’t end there though and out comes the supple leather riding whip. Now ordered over then end of the sofa Jack’s reddened curvy cheeks are awaiting the whippy sting of the riding crop.


The burning leather tongue at the end of this painful equestrian instrument soon has Jack yelping.
Now he’s thinking that perhaps in the future causing pain to others is not a good idea.


2 comments on “Member Update – Trouble for Jack

  1. Rudi has the most incredibly spankable bare bottom especially when he’s bent over the arm of the chair. I would just love to take a rubber soled slipper to that

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