Money Laundering

Sharing a place has its ups and downs especially when your younger buddy likes to help himself to you stuff when you are not looking! This is becoming a big problem for one guy (James Holt) he finally has enough of this petty pilfering and sorts out his young companion in a way he will not forget!

The boy in question is fit sports mad Jerry (Ryan Conway) Currently out of work he decides to borrow a bit from his friend. Perhaps he should have asked first, no actually yes! He should have asked first!

This time he is caught in the bathroom, maybe not the best place to be, as he’ll soon discover!!


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Now he’s he’s in for a punishment session that will hopefully remind him to check first to see if its OK to borrow money before just dipping in! Grabbing a birch besom near by, James sets about giving Jerry a good hiding, making sure his bottom is well wetted down first.


He knows the birching will sting even more on a wet bare bottom!








Then on to a good over the knee spanking! The humiliated Jerry’s muscular rear will be a sore as hell after this but its pretty much a forgone conclusion he’ll ask before he just takes next time!







As a final humiliation, Jerry is left to clear up the mess!


By Bruce

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