Some screen grabs from Sting’s latest download set in Edwardian England at the Carnfield Institute for wayward youths
Discipline Diary 1900“.

First Andreas goes over the Colonel’s knee for a good hand spanking followed by a taste of the bath brush!

Adding a bit of spice to warm things up!  First Sebastian and James B are subjected to a humiliating “figging” with some essence or ginger, before a good hand spanking followed by a sponging down and then the birch!! OUCH!


By Bruce

4 thoughts on “More images from Discipline Diary 1900 (Part2)”
    1. Gingering has been done to me
      but not meanly,
      just ever so gently,
      a mighty stinging IN my fanny,
      added to the stinging ON my fanny,
      that led to a great deal of glee
      for my company,
      and for me,

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