More Trouble For Jack

Coming home from his night shift Ryan (Ryan Conway) is tired and goes straight to bed. Jack (Jack Finch) decided to take advantage of this and sneaks into Ryan’s bedroom to help himself to the contents of Ryan’s wallet. Bad news for Jack as Ryan is woken up by his antics and is in no mood for his step brothers terrible behaviour

Ryan then lets him no about it with a long hard spanking over his knee, jacks arse quickly reddens up as the firm hand of Ryan smacks down on his backside.

Like any thief who gets caught, Jack is very sorry now for trying to steal, and for sure he won’t be doing that again!



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Title 2257

By Bruce

2 thoughts on “More Trouble For Jack”
  1. Hand spanking is too gentle a punishment for stealing, Ryan should have used belt and paddle and cane until Jack’s butt is bruised and he is bawling like a little kid.
    Also, Jack is hot again in this, but I still wanna see him completely naked.

    1. I am not agree….this scene is so hot!! Why always using implements hand spanking can be very effective!!

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