Another challenge to Sting Fans to name some bare spanked bottoms from various of Sting’s movies.

Can you name the Sting Actors who’s bare bottoms appear in the pictures below?



I hope that, for once I have presented you will a bit of a challenge

Please leave your answers in the Comments section below

UPDATE:  The answers will be announced at the weekend


By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Name those Sore Red Bottoms”
  1. Number 1 could be Matt Mills, it has the lovely round pertness of his bottom – From Reformatory USA?
    Number 2 I think may be Robbie
    Number 3 possibly Vex
    Number 4 is Carlos from let the cane take the strain
    Number 5 May be Brett in one of his later appearances

  2. The top one is Darren in TS Morsus, just after he gets the birch.

    It makes me think that one thing I wish Sting would do is show the boy having difficulty sitting down after a spanking.

    Being made to sit down on a sore bottom for two hours of Latin translation and grimacing. Or just sitting down to tie his shoe laces and then having to stand up quickly, would be so erotic.

    I hope it will happen at the end of every spanking scene but it almost never does.

    The famous line is “You will not sit down for a week boy!” it would be great if Sting, or any other studio, brought that line to life.

    I am not sure about the others, but number 4 could be Carlos Fernandez

  3. 1 – The lovely Darren
    2 – Brad?
    3 – One of the new Britt kids, could be Jason, Matt or Kyle
    4 – Carlos in a 1900 setting (Bring back the Birch or Let the Cane take the strain)
    5 – Maybe James in St Datchets the Epilogue

    1. this time is harder, but I think it aptly:
      1 darren- film “ts morsus”
      2 tobby – film “TS morsus”
      3 matt steel – film “the brothers”
      4 carlos fernandez – film “Let the Cane Take the Strain”
      5 Richie – film “The Sixth Formers and Mr Svenson”

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