Naval Story 5

Discipline is always well maintained at T.S Morsus with the view of preparing and training boy Seamen for future service. After sea trials two lads had got themselves in to deep trouble. In both their cases the Captain was going to have to take some direct and severe action.


The first lad, Boy Seaman Verney (Leonardo King) had seen fit to stab one of his shipmates with a work knife. He had not been able to control his temper but luckily for him the other cadet was not to seriously injured. The Captain had allowed the incident to be kept off record but cited a similar case from 1813 when a certain Boy Seaman Woods had be ordered 60 lashes ‘on his bare posteriors’ for stabbing another boy seaman.



In this case the gym horse would suffice as the gun and Boy Seaman Verney would kiss the gunners daughter to receive his punishment.


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The seriousness of the offence would mean that after the flogging young Verney would also go over the knee of his training officer. This stinging spanking would complete the sentence.








In part 2 a second Naval Cadet faces punishment.




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5 thoughts on “Naval Story 5 (Part 1 of 2)”
    1. Hi Pablo
      This story is loosely based on the real life sentence received by a young sailor by the name of Valentine Woods in the 1800’s who received 60 strokes of the cat for stabbing a ship mate. However, clearly it is not a faithful reproduction of the story, and also been brought into the 20th century.

  1. Leonardo King looks splendid in this new video, and he gives a fine performance. Leonardo, in addition to his fine physique and good looks, is also consistent – I don’t recall a bad performance from him. Well done, Leo!

    Newcomer Bob Stone has a good physique and, if his acting style becomes a little more demonstrative, he can become a very good Sting model.

    One request, please – in future videos please have some footage where the models are spanked on the seat of their tight, skimpy briefs or speedos as well as on their bare bottoms.

  2. Leonardo king has that very naughty boy look…love the shaved extra punishment maybe top of his head should be shaved too, and he should not be allowed to wear pants for a week..mmmmm

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