No Exit


When the next door neighbour’s son decides to go in for a little house breaking and entering he ends up getting more than he bargained for! He was quickly disturbed by the house owner and suddenly things went from bad to worse.


The boy (Austin Cook) didn’t choose well, the home owner is a no nonsense type of person and he happens to know the intruders family too. Its time to make a decision does the boy want this taken further or would it be a better idea to take a punishment from the house owner there and then.

这个男孩(Austin Cook)一时糊涂做下错事,而这间房子的主人不但熟识他的家人,更是个眼里不揉沙子的男人。


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This time he does choose well or at least sensibly but the price he will pay will leave him with a very sore bare bottom, very sore indeed!





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Sting Pictures


Title 2257


By Bruce

3 thoughts on “No Exit”
  1. Another sterling performance from young Austin, l particularly liked the kneeling position on the sofa. As always, Rob as spanker brings out the best from the victim. Highly recommended.

  2. I think that when a Stinglad has truly ‘arrived’ is when his bare bottom is instantly recognisable as being uniquely his! It’s certainly true of young Austin’s pert and cheeky hindquarters – I knew whose they were when I saw the title picture, before I had scrolled far down enough to see that it was indeed the uberspankable little rascal himself!

  3. I too can commend this production.
    Young Austin’s bottom gets more delightful the more films he is in. There are as Swanlad comments some delightful shots of his bent over position on the sofa displaying a great smooth and reddish bottom. Also oh his testicles hanging nicely down,
    It was also good to see Rob applying the slipper in the good old teachers way across the middle of the bottom. Perhaps some strokes should have been aimed at the crease area just as a special treat for Austin.
    My thanks again to all concerned for this great production.

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