When two young friends Evan and Jamie (Evan Ryker & new StingLad Jamie Hunter) arrive back at Jamie’s home in the early hours of the morning Jamie’s worried step Dad is waiting. He’s is no mood the see the funny side as the two lads roll through the door. Last night Jamie should have been studying for up coming exams. Time he was taught a lesson!

Seeing that the situation was starting to not look good Evan tries to inch his way out of the room. He is stooped in his tracks and ordered back in. Jamie’s step Dad may not have the authority to punish him but he can stay to see Jamie punished which night make him think again before they recklessly go out on the town.


So the scene is set, young Jamie must now endure a good spanking and strapping on his bare bottom under the amused but watchful eye of his best friend. It’ll be no laughing matter for Jamie though!


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Introducing Jamie Hunter





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Title 2257

By Bruce

10 thoughts on “No Laughing Matter”
    1. Thanks HRH, I am glad you enjoyed the video, the storyline with the friend (Evan Ryker) watching really worked for me as well!

      I hope people like Jamie Hunter he seems to be a good addition to the sting team of actors.

  1. Fully concur with the comments a tremendous video. What a splendid new model – the sort of Sting Boy I love seeing spanked. Great smooth bottom excellent shots of spanking over jeans, boxers and bare.
    Wish Evan had been disciplined as well.
    I am looking forward to another Sting school scene. Please please lets see what Sting made their name at.

    1. Hi Michael

      You will be pleased to hear that Evan got what he deserves in a new video which should be out next week. Sting have not been in a position ti do School based scenarios while they are between studios. However, they will be in situ very soon, and will be able to recommence they usual productions, including school scenarios.

  2. I am so ashamed to admit this – but then again I am confessing to friends – this exact thing happened in front of me personally when I was in High School. I was a nerd, Danny was on the football team (American Football). I got assigned to be his tutor because he was failing English Literature, and if he failed he was going to be thrown off the team. We were suppose to be studying, but Danny wanted to sneak out to a beer keger party. He convinced me that he would introduce me to the team, I’d have fun, they’d stop bullying me and it would help make me more like him more like a man. So we sneaked out, were out for at least 2 hours and got caught trying to sneak back in. Danny got an ass beating right in front of me. (IT WAS GREAT I LOVED IT). I think it was my first real “stirring in my pants” and certainly is the moment I fell in love with spanking. The only difference was that Danny’s father gave him and me a vicious lecture and threaten to beat my backside as well. (This was the early 1980s and back then my own parents/his parents/even Danny & me had NO PROBLEM with accepting his right to do so – Danny’s father was a Parent and what any Parent decided to do to a “child” breaking his rules while in his house was never questioned). I was excited, thought the whole thing was titillating and funny seeing Danny a big cool football player getting his backside whooped. But I was also terrified the same was going to happen to me. Thank God it didn’t. But I sort of wished it had. Needless to say I LOVED THIS FILM. Just wish the visiting kid got the spanking as well. PS loved him laughing and bringing the belt. PLEASE you have to make a follow up film where they both get it but good.

  3. Kass its a pity his father should have warmed your bare backside for you as well.It was the norm in the 1980s Nothing beats a spanking over a lap bare bottom..You just need a long couch.

    1. Thank you, Alfred! I wish he had – looking back on my life it would have done me a world of good! I just saw the new film starring Mister Laughing Evan and was disappointed it was not a follow up to this story – still hoping Evan gets his just deserts while Jamie gets to watch and laugh at him (and hope there is a hairbrush and mouth soaping used to make the point land home). Can’t laugh if you’re nursing a bar of ivory soap.

  4. I do hope Jamie Hunter will become a regular member of the sting cast list, he is so …. “spankable”

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