No Police 5

In this hard-hitting story…When Dorian (Dorian Easton) finds a lad (Ryan Conway) has broken into his apartment he decides to take firm action. The lad doesn’t want the Police involved and is willing to take a punishment from the guy who has just caught him red handed.

This will be stiff discipline for our would be burglar. Dorian is the owner of a cat o’nine tails historic replica known as the boy’s pussy


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It had just six tails instead of nine. Made from waxed whip cord it was designed to bring a real sting to a sailor boys bare bottom usually while kissing the gunner’s daughter, naval slang for laying over a cannon.


In this case our new found bosun Dorian will make use of the kitchen table!


After a good whipping he intends to give this miscreant a good hard spanking too.




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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “No Police 5”
  1. Dorian really deserve the cane for aiming so high and leaving lower butt unaffected. Yet what attractive guys for a spanking scene,

  2. I love Dorian – he’s a great spanker and very sexy. But I also noticed that he does aim very high up on the bottom and doesn’t get the lower half or sit spots at all.

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