Not Such A Bright Spark


Marco has been having trouble with an electrical point in his kitchen so calls the local electrician to sort it.


Its not too difficult so they send round a trainee (Jerry Bosak) Marco leaves him to get on with the job but unfortunately this bold new apprentice decides to swipe Marco’s phone from the kitchen table and hide it away in his tool box.

这不是件困难的工作,所以电工派了一个实习生(Jerry Bosak)过来。Marco留下他独自工作,但不幸的是,这个大胆的新学徒打算从厨房餐桌上偷走Marco的手机,并将它藏进了自己的工具箱。

Possibly not the best thing to do when visiting Marco as a client!


Marco is obviously none to pleased and after some deliberation informs the lad he is going to punish him and the incident can be forgotten.



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This comes as a surprise for the fit looking electrical apprentice and it’s not long before his firm rounded bare bottom is receiving some much needed discipline! Big lad, too big to go over the knee, not at all!





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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Not Such A Bright Spark”
  1. This is great Jerry is very hot he has an amazing body it’s so hot watching him having to take an OTK spanking there’s some really hot wide angle shots which showcase Jerry’s sexy hairy legs and he’s socked feet as he is being spanked and I love seeing his balls press on Marco’s legs and enjoyed his subtle manly moans of pain… I like it!! I think Gerry has potential to make some great content in the future.

  2. This is Jerry’s 4th Sting Video. I agree with all of the comments above. He is gorgeous and each Sting Video is beyond great! Please Rich, more Jerry. His body is magical and fantastic. The position when he kneels is to die for. Looking forward to a wheelbarrow spanking, hard and fast! I will buy them all! Please give him a severe pounding.

  3. Jerry is amazing and the way Marco handles this guy is so hot. OTK spanking and Jerrys msucular butt and hairy legs are beyond words. Jerrys socks such a turn on – please more Jerry.

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