Off Pitch

Off Pitch

Slacking off from the sports field for a sneaky quick drink at college seemed like such a good idea for Gregson (Spencer Lake)

Unluckily for him after just a couple of sips The Headmaster just so happened to be doing the rounds and abruptly bought it to a halt when he found him in the locker room.


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Needless to say the Headmaster is none to impressed and decides to deal with Gregson there and then, firstly he is told to bend over as the fitting instrument for this is the stinging triad cane.

This is a particularly uncomftable experience and with each set finishing on Gregson’s bare backside ensures that he know the Headmaster means business.

And now that Gregson’s backside is red and throbbing what better way to send the message home than with a damn good spanking on those perfectly formed welts, So over the knee he goes and boy does he know about it with the relentless finally drumming in why it is forbidden to behave like this in college!




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  1. Spancer is great as always, welcome not only for caning, but also beltings, whippings, birchings… Stingpictures just can use some own older scenarios with new actors, they will be popular!

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