On the Bench 5

On the Bench 5

Two football players John and Tom (Finn Harper & James Lewis) have got in to a ferocious argument again. Swear words are flying and it usually ends up with a fight but this time they are caught just before it gets that far.

This is happening far too often so now their Housemaster, Mr Burnside (Ryan Conway) decides it time to give them a wake up call regarding their out of control behavior.


Both will be punished together, kneeling on the bench, bare backsides splayed and raised high.


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Mr Burnside reaches for his strap and prepares to practice his own favorite sport, bare bottom belting and boy do these two deserve it.





Both have become very cheeky young chappies lately so today he’ll follow up the strapping by putting these two tempestuous young brats over his knee. Nothing like a good spanking to bring ’em down a peg or two!

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9 comments on “On the Bench 5

  1. Another excellent video and scenario. Finn especially is just perfect – and nice to see a pic included of him smiling at the camera in his footie kit.

    Having the lads raise their bare bottoms in the air on the bench for a good belting really exposes their privates very well 😉 Ryan looked like he was really enjoying it as well.

    More of Finn please…! 🙂

  2. I am now finding it hard to find new words to describe the brilliance of many Sting productions. All I will say is this one is superb!!!!
    Finn as always is great with his super made body and looks and is now the best of a great bunch of Sting models.
    James at the end of his spanking looked to have at least a semi hard on so he must have enjoyed the warmth glowing in his bottom. Talking of bottoms James looked as if he sunbathes with his shorts on while Finn looked as if he must some times sun bath in the nude.
    Agree with ‘D’ comments about their positioning over the bench, this was good,

  3. Agreed. The positioning was very interesting & James is very photogenic. As always, Finn is superlative, & I hope they continue to make use of his undoubted acting talents in future outings. I also thought he too had a semi, which he was trying to conceal, as he approached his hand-spanking. Were they speaking in Czech to each other at the end? It was a nice touch, but I wasn’t able to follow it.

  4. Yes it did look like Finn had a semi, clearly enjoying himself.

    Bruce, do Sting take suggestions for storylines?

    Would love to see a scene involving Finn getting caught in the act of masturbating over a dirty mag and being brought to task by a father figure or teacher. Having his hard on pulled on by them in disgust and then him shoved OTK for a good handspanking.

    • Hi D

      I am sure Sting will read and consider any suggestions for Storylines, although obviously I can’t guarantee they would be able to make your suggestion into a video.  You can write to them at: stgpictures@msn.com


    • @D I agree I like your story idea caught wanking🍆💦 then spanked for it 👍🏻 it would be great if Sting could film Finn wanking at the end with his red bottom on display as he plays away 🍆😂👏🏻

  5. My, my! This is certainly a new role for the hunky and drop-dead gorgeous Ryan, who we’ve seen so recently getting his phenomenally smackable bottom well and truly caned! He is admirably suited to the role and does a great job of disciplining the two younger boys, who are both clearly in need of a good spanking!

    I had a thought watching the two young scamps kneeling on the bench for a skelping! Just try, for one ridiculous moment, to imagine that you are a member of the no-smacking brigade and you had these two scallywags bent over in front of you in their short, close-fitting navy blue boxer-briefs! How long d’you reckon your principles would hold up…?!

    • LOL! Resistance is futile, as they say, or in this case virtually impossible!

      Who amongst us, upom seeing Finn and James’s bottoms raised like that, could resist giving them a whack?!

  6. Finn as always amazing. The scene with the guys bent over the bench in those tight black underwear – Christmas has come earlier. More Finn in super tight underwear.

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