On The Bench 6

When the Coach (James Holt) discovers a college player lounging in the changing rooms, playing games on his phone he decides to teach him a lesson.

Riley (Austin Cook) is soon taken high over the knee for a good spanking.


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However, once the coach get his shorts down and on to punishing the lads bare bottom the Headmaster walks in.

It appears Riley has a bit of track record and has already upset the newly appointed English teacher. Now he’s caught in exactly the right position. In a carpe diem moment the Headmaster wastes no time in seizing the opportunity and asks the Coach if he may borrow his rattan punishment cane.

With the boy already in a perfect position, a good set of burning stripes are laid on to the lads bare, defenseless and already well spanked rear end! With some quick sharps strokes

Finally the Headmaster is done but now unfortunately for Riley the Coach must finish what he started. The spanking resumes!




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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “On The Bench 6”
  1. Good to see Austin back in those tight blue shorts. Great camera angles and Austin keeping his sports footwear and socks on throughout the scene very hot. Good to see Rich making an apperance too.James Holt looks exceptionally hot would be great to see him given an OTK hand spanking in that same outfit he looks incredible.On the Bench is one of my favourite series – any chance of James being the spankee in one soon?

  2. I agree with Ethan. I would like to see James Holt being given a fierce OTK hand spanking – first on his shorts, then his form-fitting skimpy briefs (for a long time), then on the bare butt.

    Austin Cook gave a fine performance – lots of squirming, kicking, grunting, yelping, etc. I hope James gives a similar performance when HE is the spankee.

    By the way, Bruce, Merry Christmas to all of you at Sting!

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