On The Bench Part 3

Seniors are expected to behave themselves and set a good example in college. However Crawley (Andy Easton) has started to get very lax in this area and has been reported to his Housemaster for persistent bad behaviour. He’s had one warning this term already but it didn’t seem to sink in, now something more severe in discipline adjustment must be introduced.


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Title 2257

By Bruce

10 thoughts on “On The Bench Part 3”
  1. P U R C H A S E D !

    What can I say… genius video. Andy Easton has that cheeky and naughty face and definitely one of the best arses ever!! Why should “that” Cooke lad only be featured in a 4K scene? I would love to see Andy, Evan or Robin in 4K.

    1. Thank Corey, I am glad you like it. I passed your comment on to Sting, and hopefully we will see Andy and the others in 4K

  2. I’m so bored of these school themes I find them incredibly boring the uniform and everything is such a joy kill this is the 4th school-based clip in a row to be released and it’s such a bore no more school settings please it’s starting to get stale in here. Please up the ante of excitement and give us something modern and relevant to 2019.

    Ps. Andy does have a nice arse but it’s not the best ever!! I must say it’s been a very long day I’ve heard some of the most craziest things today you wouldn’t believe!!

    1. I am sorry you feel that way Evil Queen. However, the school based stories are very popular.

      Sting did announce a couple of weeks ago that October is “Back To School” month at Sting, so you may have to put up with a few more of the same

  3. andy is a dreamboat i would like him in a more modern setting also but that butt is splendid. anychance on my face for an hour or two who do i contact? happy to pay for the privilege

    1. Hi Gaz
      I assume you are not being entirely serious!! LOL! I am afraid we can not facilitate introductions to the actors.

  4. A brilliant download.
    Next to Robin young Andy seems to take a far harder thrashing than the other boys.
    There are some really mouth watering shots of his delightful bottom being spanked especially over those great pants which cling to the cleft of his buttocks and when he is being strapped how nice it is to see his balls and willy swinging in response to the strap.
    Andy is immaculately dressed as a sixth form school boy and the whole film is a turn for me.
    I do wish some of the boys would visit the UK like Robbie did quite a few years ago. I am sure it would be worth their while but another sincere thanks to Sting for this next best thing.

  5. I’ve got to say I was thrilled with this clip, not just because I just love a naughty schoolboy scenario but because I find it such a joy to watch Andy laid over the knee and spanked! He has an air of truculence and naughtiness about him which, combined with his perfect physique and phenomenally pert and cheeky bottom, makes him perfect for the part of young Crawley – though I think this is the first time we’ve seen him in school uniform. And doesn’t he wear it well – he looks younger and more vulnerable in it somehow.

    So far, Andy has managed a different selection from his pants-drawer in every film we’ve seen him getting his bottom smacked in, and this pair is an excellent choice – horizontally striped underpants always seem to bring out the roundness of a boy’s bum! And Andy’s boxer-briefs on this occasion frame his perky seat to perfection for discipline!

    Those smooth and hairless buttocks are tough ones! After a good long and severe session across Marco’s knee, I would have expected rather more reddening of the cheeks, but then that is more than accomplished by the hard strapping that follows the smacking! Watching a fresh weal appear with each stroke of the strap is a major turn-on and the fact that the stripes clearly smart as much as they look as though they’re doing is borne out by Andy’s very vocal responses to his punishment by the time it reaches the bare-bottom phase!

    We’ve had some great modern-day scenarios from Sting over the summer and I think the ‘back-to-school’ idea is a brilliant one for October! It’s what made Sting famous, and let’s face it, they do it so well! Thanks again to Richard and his amazing team!

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