Out Of The Pan

As part of a home sharing deal Austin (Austin Cook) is supposed to do the dishes from time to time. His idea of that though is to just throw a few into a sink of hot soapy water and hope for the best. Then after returning half washed plates and saucers to the cupboard. James (James Holt) has recently noticed a sharp increase in this lackadaisical domestic cleaning effort from the boy and decides to take action. Enough is enough!

It’s time Austin learnt a lesson, in the most effective way!

If you mess with Mr Stone in this way it tends to back fire and fire there is now going to be in Austin’s backside!


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This cheeky brat, who had the audacity to answer back when challenged, is going to get a well deserved spanking.

Not to mention a dose of the carpet beater to follow, on his bare, just spanked, bottom for good measure!

Yes, there’s no messing with Mr Stone and no mess is how he expects the place to be from now on!




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By Bruce

11 thoughts on “Out of The Pan”
  1. After a short break from young Austin, it is just the kipper’s knickers to see the little rascal back over the knee again, where he truly belongs, getting his cheeky bottom well and truly smacked! And looking somehow more spankable than ever in those close-fitting, spanky black jeans! And a spankier combination of the jeans and a pair of clingy black underpants, one of my favourite spankingwear colours, would be hard to imagine (in fact it’s proving VERY hard for me to imagine, haha!).

    Having had the cane, Austin should be able to appreciate even more the severity of a carpet-beater being used to skelp his backside! It is a truly awesome instrument of punishment – like being disciplined with several canes at once! Not that that makes me sorry for this errant youngster, who I reckon deserves everything he gets! But lets remember too, that we Stingfans have a massive vested interest in him NOT learning his lesson!

  2. I would like to offer some constructive criticism– or perhaps it’s more of a request — that does not concern this fine video directly but rather Sting videos over the last several years. In general, the domestic scenarios feature immediate (or spontaneous), on-the-spot punishments. I believe this is fine in small doses, especially with younger tops, but this formula should not be a hard and fast rule. I vastly prefer scenarios in which the boy knows “what’s in store for him,” and is anticipating a punishment. The storytelling can be accomplished with simple montages: I love watching boys wait, or going to another room to change their clothes, or, better yet, going to their room and being dealt with there. Having a procedure surrounding the punishment always pushes my buttons, having a room or a “spanking chair”– those kinds of details are never uninteresting and greatly increase the eroticism for me. I’m sure others would agree. Please convey my thoughts to Sting with my regards.

    1. Do you know what I think the opposite I love how Sting is all about the SPANKING ACTION after all these are spanking clips and above all the action is the most important thing I mean who wants to pay to see a guy just standing around in a room waiting etc.. I love that Sting are straight to the action I hope they don’t change that one thing you’ll notice about Sting is the action is always the main priority as it should be there’s nothing worse when you see a clip and 3, 4 even 5 minutes in there’s no action I say on the spot and some and if the models do get sent to there room let’s hope the spankers is right behind them or not far behind them but I wouldn’t mind some anticipation but normally swift action is better don’t you think. 😉

      1. Hi again LK

        Thanks for your input, as in so many things, Sting understands that different fans have different tastes and wants different things and always do their best to satisfy both camps (the sames as with the recent discussiuon about modern day stories -v- Period dramas)

        I am sure that for any videos which feature anticipation, there will also be lots of spontanious “right down to it” ones

        1. I understand and often agree with your perspective, that’s why I clearly was not advocating for all video scenarios to be changed.

    2. Hi HRH

      I agree, the scenario you suggest would be sexy! I have passed your suggestion on to Sting and I am sure they will give it full consideration – watch this space

  3. I would LOVE to see a “David and Goliath” film where the little one gets to put a big boy like Holt over their knee – there was a classic comic magazine called National Lampoon that use to run in America – one of its covers was called “Autumn Haze” and a geeky guy is getting ready to paddle a husky football player – I just love that idea for a film, even if its presented as a “dream scene” I mean image if after this scene Austin went to bed, cried himself to sleep, and dreamed that he got to paddle and spank James?

  4. P.S. LOVED Austin cooling his bottom by soaking it with dish water and the soap sponge. Wish James was watching him doing the dishes for a bit – and laughing at him.

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