Painful Delivery

Featuring James Holt and Denis Skala.

Denis is in big trouble, he doesn’t know it yet, but he soon will!

When James returns home to find that Denis has stolen and sold on a package he was expecting he is of course none too pleased! It’s time this cocky boy learned to behave himself and act in a decent manner towards others. Seldom has such a well deserved whacking been in order.

So time to retrain the boy. Starting off with a firm hand spanking is always a good wake up call and when James’s heavy palm is finally searing down onto the lads bare bottom, he knows it’s getting serious.


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However, unluckily for Denis, James has obtained a new instrument to follow up, a whippy triad cane, three biting rattan rods all in one. Now the lad has to kneel on the sofa, bare bottom jutting out awaiting the lash of the triad, he is beginning to regret his actions.




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