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What a Dope!





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By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Preview video for “What a Dope!””
  1. I just cannot get enough of seeing this, my favourite Stingbrat getting his phenomenally spankable bottom smacked! And it isn’t just his bottom – his whole muscly, youthful physique just shrieks aloud to the world “Spank me! Spank me HARD!!” And here he is once again in his very best posture for a spanking – laid over Dexter’s knee, being disciplined with all Dexter’s old-fashioned severity and thoroughness. One thing I love about Sting videos is that the boys are smacked very hard, so it is quite clear that their pained reactions are absolutely genuine!

    The moment I always look forward to is seeing which selection young Robin has made from the boner-making contents of his colourfully stocked pants drawer as he takes his trousers off for punishment. WOW! I thought, this time, bright yellow! The odd thing is that yellow underpants don’t usually do it for me – in fact, it’s my least favourite colour for spankingwear. However, it depends who is wearing them and, well – with a bottom like Robin’s…He even looks amazingly spankable in white briefs and they are my absolute least favourite.

    This is an incredible spanking and it is obvious with the way Robin is positioned for the last part of it that a great deal of force can be and is being applied. I have never punished a boy in that posture myself but of course the great thing about spanking videos is that you do get some new ideas for spicing up discipline. I think that the next smacking I administer, I’m going to have to give that one a go!

    I read the comments on Jock Spank about Robin’s ‘inclinations’ with interest. I always suspected that he was straight, but did not know positively until now. WHAT a loss to the gay community!!!

  2. @Dr van Spanking, I quote, “One thing I love about Sting videos is that the boys are smacked very hard, so it is quite clear that their pained reactions are absolutely genuine!”

    I couldn’t agree more the honest discipline (hard but fair) is pure genuine on every level there are no gimmicks with Sting it is all about the action this is what makes them so amazing at what they do and this clip is a showcase of Dexter’s amazing ability’s to date – he hasn’t lost it!!

  3. This viedeo is another Sting’s must have!!!
    Thank you very much for spanking Robin in this extremely hot position: Dexter was very very lucky!!!!!
    Has Robin ever worn a kilt in his life?
    He could become a wonderful scottish brat, spanked by Johan Volny over one knee with anus totally open…

  4. That’s how every young mans bare bottom should be warmed if he is caught smoking,it will teach any young man or teen boy a good lesson by the grin on his face. the bottom will be ouchie ouch

  5. Great video from a few years back. I wonder if Finn would be interested in doing a similar themed video? If you could match Finn with James Holt or Marco and they could replicate Dexters enthusiasum – it would be interesting to say the least. Finn in some tight underwear and long socks would be the frosting on the cake.
    Bruce, maybe you could mention it to the guys over at Sting?
    Looking out for Finns next video to drop……

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