Principal Problems

We cross the pond for a USA themed story featuring two wayward college lads who are about to meet their nemesis, namely the strict College Principal played by Marco.

First to get himself in to trouble is Dwayne (Andy Easton) The Principal becomes aware that he’s not been attending classes and is certainly not taking this part of his life seriously. As a senior its important that he gets good grades so it’s time to pull this sluggish student up a peg or two.

There’s one thing he wont forget in a hurry and that is a few good swats with the paddle.


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This well used holed persuader has collided painfully with many a bad boys bare butt and Dwyane’s will be no exception.





In fact this very well rounded example will be receiving a good spanking too!



By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Principal Problems (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Another good production.
    Agree with ‘HRH’ re Andy. What a great young man with an adorable bottom.
    Also nice to see George Barclay back he was well dressed for his part looking a typical cant care less youth.
    Marco seemed to be holding back on both boys; with their paddling but by golly made up for it with the hand spankings. Some glorious bare bottom shots. Marco looks if he is not careful with his zest to spank and spank of doing himself some harm.

  2. I am pleased that everyone seems to have enjoyed Andy Easton’s performance in this. I also agree with Michael Brown that it is great to see George Barclay back, and that his new look certainly works for this video.

    In reply to Corey’s request, I have spoken to Sting, and can confirm that they think they could persuade Andy to do a Hornet video! Fingers crossed!!

  3. Hi,

    Andy Easton certainly can come back for more.
    Perhaps the school inspector should cane Marco for wearing those shoes when on official duty

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