Prison Rules 1900

Stepping back to the days when a snowflake was just something that fell in winter. The lads of yesteryear were anything but and knew that if you break the law you’ll end up being severely punished. The visiting Magistrates to the prison had the power to order different types of punishment, including corporal punishment for persistent offenders. If you ending up in prison or a House Of Correction and continued breaking the rules a young inmate could face further discipline. A Magistrate, along with the Governor, had the power to order a re offender to receive a birching or tawsing and of course the infamous cat of nine tails!


Two such fit young lads were up before the Governor for misbehaviour. The first Harry Cornell (Joey Whyte) with his discipline report, in the governors words, as being appalling.

To cure this he will be ordered to report to the punishment room. Here bent over the flogging pony he will be given the prison strap.




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The painful strapping still stinging, this is followed, of course, as warder Sharpe usually does, by a hard bare bottom spanking!

This will get the message home in a painful way and will make sitting down a challenge for some time.










In part 2 a second inmate discovers that Prison rules 1900!!



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Title 2257

By Bruce

7 thoughts on “Prison Rules 1900 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. I quite enjoyed Joey’s OTK scene aesthetically stunning seeing his beautiful ass turing red and those amazing legs of his. Joey looks so handsome and hot with his grunts of pain and I love way he punches the floor out of anger… so god damn hot!! I also really liked how quick Marco was to grab Joey’s hand when Joey went to rub his sore bottom… No way Joey! I do love it when the guys try to put there hand up to stop the spanker in his tracks and try and have a quick rub to soothe that Sting (no pun) very good stuff.

    There was some great camera shots that I really enjoyed as well a good glimpse at Joey’s man parts and a few camera angles I found quite appealing.

    Wow picture-perfect!

    I’m loving the view.

  2. I most wholeheartedly agree with you Luke. I love Joey Whyte, to my mind he is the hottest Sting Lad ever.

    I always enjoy seeing him get spanked

  3. @Uncle Don

    Yes Joey is so handsome, he literally has model looks, such great facial bone structure and his eyes are beautiful. Definitely one of Sting best looking guys that’s for sure. I always thought he resembled Zac Efron ever so slightly or maybe that’s my wishful thinking lol. 🙂

  4. JOEY WHYTE IS PURE HEAT !! I find every aspect of him turns me on, those mysterious green eyes, his gorgeously chiseled jawline; his evocative body shape, bum, legs, walk, his expressions. Even his hands and nostrils are sexy. Luke was also spot on with the points he made about Joey. Id also like to mention RYAN CONWAY. I also find this guy very hot in a different way. Love his tall strong body with a bouncy bubble butt. This combined with quiet handsome blond looks and a refined demeanor I find interestingly enticing. Whilst the theme and setting is not my favourite, the actors and their spankings were superb.

  5. I love Joey! Wish you spent some time on underpants. Any chance you’ll have a film where someone like Joey or Travis gets a brutal spanking from one of the young lads – I love the “revenge on the bully” scenario.

  6. The lovefest for Joey, above, is commendable, but I must voice my enthusiasm for Ryan Conway, who looks simply delicious on the trestle(?) apparatus. I love 1900-themed videos and I hope “Prison Rules” will be a new series.

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