Put The Phone Down

So the summer term is nearing its end but not quick enough for some students.

One of these is David (Andy Easton) He’s decided the summer break starts here and now and is at home relaxing with his head buried in his phone. One problem he’s got is that Marco is due back soon and he’s not going to like the lads lackadaisical behaviour one bit! He still had studies to do.

As soon as Marco catches David lazing about he swings in to action or rather his right arm does. David is ordered over the back of the arm chair for a good belting.


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After the strap lashes its last scorching swat across the boys very rounded bare bottom, he knows that next he’ll be going over Marco’s knee for a good spanking.







When at last he finally allowed to stand up that very rounded red rump will be the perfect testament to punishment well laid on!


By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Put The Phone Down”
  1. Young Andy is rapidly becoming a big favourite with me! Some lads that age just have an aura that shrieks aloud to the heights of Spankers’ Heaven, “SPANK ME!” and Andy is definitely one such! He plays the role of a sulky college student so convincingly and, when you add Marco the mix, with his hard hand and skill with the belt…well! What more is there to be said?!

    Andy looks magnificent bent over the back of the sofa in a most degrading posture that shows off the beautiful curves of his well-rounded and perfectly-proportioned bottom to absolute perfection! When that all important moment for yours truly comes, the reluctance he demonstrates to take his trousers down to be smacked on his underpants is actually quite a turn-on in itself – one I don’t recall seeing before in a Sting movie, in fact a rarity on any spanking move in my experience. I can understand the lad’s embarrassment at getting strapped on his boxer-briefs, but with Dad in that mood, I don’t think I’d have been arguing about it! And once again, the boy’s pants-drawer has yielded up a terrific choice for spankingwear – navy-blue boxer-briefs do it for me every time, especially ones with a contrasting coloured waistband and a seamless seat!

    As he is laid over the knee for a long and severe spanking across the bare bottom all the surliness is well and truly smacked out of the lad and I could almost feel sorry for him. But then I had to remind myself that he was being a very naughty boy, lying around on his bed and drinking when he should have been at college – if one of my own boys did that and I caught him I would lay him across my knee and tan his backside until he couldn’t sit down! And he wouldn’t be allowed to keep his trousers on either – he’d be getting smacked over his undies right from the word GO!

    As ever, Marco knows his job (and WHAT a job to have!) and disciplines Andy severely and thoroughly! I am waiting, I have to confess not too patiently, for the next time Andy has to position that perky, cheeky little bum for a good hard thrashing!

  2. Oh, one more thing: Can we please see Andy in a shirt and tie visiting the head(or house)master?

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