Red Robin – A Free Christmas Gift from Sting

Robin has been naughty and, of course, as always, he ends up with a Very Red bottom !

Bad Luck for him – but it’s good luck for you!

As you can see it for free

As a special Christmas gift from Sting, Red Robin can be downloaded only $5:00 towards bandwidth costs



Red Robin










Click here to download a 1808p Extra Hight Definition version of Red Robin for just $5.00


Sting Pictures

Title 2257

By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Red Robin – A Free Christmas Gift from Sting”
  1. A strict dad, a sweet lad and his sweet dog – thanks so much for this very nice present for your faithful customers! :-)))

  2. Thank you for this so enjoyable Christmas present. Sting Pictures – lovely people to do business with. Best wishes for 2018 to all of you.

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