Report to Mr Heidrick

报告给 Mr Heidrick

Two of the most badly behaved lads in college are Taylor and Golding (Finn Harper and Curtis Cameron) It’s not the first time they have ended up in the Principal’s office to explain their misbehavior and why they have been reported yet again!


This time though it doesn’t wash and the two are sent to Mr Heidrick (Dexter) to be dealt with. The Coach knows his duty is to now bring these two seniors in to line.

这次虽然不洗,两人被送到海德里克先生(德克斯特)处理。 教练知道他的职责是现在让这两位前辈站成一排。


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He has his methods but in any event they both deserve a good spanking on their bare bottoms. So over the knee and wheelbarrow position they’ll go and hopefully rue the day they thought they could get away with it.

他有他的方法,但无论如何,他们都应该好好打屁股。 所以在膝盖和手推车的位置上,他们会去,希望他们认为他们可以逃脱的那一天后悔。

If not a final session with the rubber soled gym shoe will end it all as the perfect persuader!






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By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Report to Mr Heidrick”
  1. Great to see Finn back. Looking great as always. Pairing him up with Curtis nice touch too. Agree with others the combination of short shorts and tight striped boxer briefs, great look on the guys. Bring back Finn soon.

  2. What a great combination young Finn and Curtis make, they are an ideal pairing and very much look the part of two errant college boys. Hopefully, we will see them together again in a future production. How about being reported to the principal or housemaster in uniform short shorts that Sting inform us are being produced ?
    Now that would be well worth waiting for

    1. I’ll second that. Would love to see Finn in these shorter school shorts that have been mentioned previously. Any news on how the seeing is going Bruce?

  3. Hi ! Thanks for all these 26 pics . This time , a big number of images of the spanked lads were present . But , what’s a pity that the ” martinet ” didn’t use on their bare bottom ! ! . Nevertheless, cute boys as I like them .

    Congratulations to all !!!

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