Risky Transaction

Caught Red Handed

When Steven (new StingLad Robi Dane) tries to use his Step Dads credit card it doesn’t go unnoticed. He wasn’t aware that there would be mobile alert too. Now he’s in big trouble.

His sneaky unauthorised use of somebody else’s debit card is going to earn him a spanking.


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He might be a more senior lad now but that won’t stop him going over the knee and getting his bare bottom well and truly whacked!

He was caught red handed so now he’s red bottomed

Introducing Robi Dane as Steven




Risky Transaction – in 1080p Extra High Definition


Risky Transaction – in Standard Definition


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By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Risky Transaction”
  1. I’m also happy to see Kasper back AND I think Robi gives a fine debut performance. A promising future!

  2. Fantastic film! Wonderful actors! Can not wait to see their work again! But – damn! – I do hate when the actors wear those jet-black underpants! Please thank the cast & crew for a wonderful short film. I do enjoy these film “shorts” – does anyone remember the film “shorts” called Our Gang or The Little Rascals? Would you ever consider doing a comical short film – modern day – but in that genre? I recall one with Robin crashing a car and Macro pulling him by the ear into a field to give him a whooping with a switch that really filled that bill, but sadly not many others.

  3. Happy to see Kasper in action. I hope to see Robi again as well, a fine young male who’s body are made for receiving spankings. Pls choose other types of underwear for the boy.

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