Roundabout Christmas

Released a little later than planned, this Christmas story features Tim Ptacek, as Bobby, and Marco.

Thinking no one was at home Bobby decided to take advantage of the situation and open one of Marco’s gifts, thus finding a bottle of drink, which he opens and starts to consume.

But the joke is on him as Marco hears him up to no good and finds him with his open present, informing him that it is in fact a non alcoholic sparkling fruity drink! but that doesn’t escape the point that he should not have opened it in the first place.


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Taking matters into his own hands Marco decides a good hard spanking is in order for the cheeky sod! And boy does he deliver making sure each sting smack of the hand teaches him to behave.

Then Marco sends him on to his knees on the bed to deliver a good strapping on his already sore backside, thus ensuring that he won’t touch what isn’t his again…

Tim Ptacek, as Bobby




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Roundabout Christmas – in Standard Definition


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  1. I thought Marco was going to wear this gray slipper he’s wearing in the course it looks big you have to put others in the videos because this one is already saturated.

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