Scouting For More Trouble

Trying to be a good scout isn’t always easy, we all get tempted, so it was for two scouts from the STG pack. They both knew that to go fishing in the local river you had to have a licence. Even after being told, it wasn’t long before their leader found out they hadn’t got one and he knew exactly how to deal with them.

The two intrepid hunters are played by Gary Barclay (seen above) and Robin Palmer with their strict leader plated by Marco. As punishment for not having a licence he sends the first boy to cut his own switch. A few stinging stripes with this and a good spanking by the river will make him remember to get a licence in future.



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A spanking on the bare bottom especially over a recent burning switching is the quickest war to get a cocky scouts attention. This the formidable leader easily does that!


Whilst in the woods the leader also remembers he’ll have to deal with the other boy next day, so a second switch is cut in readiness.



The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


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