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Skool Daze Detention.

It’s back to college for this feature length film (1 hour 6 min). Plenty of misbehaviour to deal with and the diligent staff won’t be shirking from their duty of firmly discipling these unruly boys!

The seniors are always pushing their luck and the end of term is in view. They might think they are going to get away with it but the cane, strap and a good over the knee spanking says otherwise! Detentions rates have gone up and there is some mischievous skulduggery afoot concerning the final exam papers. Never to be outflanked the Headmaster, his Deputy and Mr Sharpe the Housemaster have got their ears to the ground. The culprits are soon rounded up to be dealt with and their sharply scolded bare backsides quickly become a burning testament to order restored!

Packed with action Skool Daze Detention stars Paul Wolfe as Simon Harvey, Robin Palmer as Gregg Jameson, Ryan Conway as Paul Grey, Adam Black as Harry Robson, Allessandro Katz as Kenny Wilson and introducing Martin Dvorak as Gary Miller.

New Sting Lad Martin Dvorak plays Gary Miller.


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In part 2 four more naughty school boys earn themselves some sore behinds



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Skool Daze Detention – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Skool Daze Detention (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. A truly brilliant production, How do you rate the 6 bottoms? My choice 1st Paul Wolfe, 2nd Robin Palmer
    3rd Adam Black 4th Alessandra Katz 5th Ryan Conway 6th Martin Dvorak. But all 6 just great well done Rich & Rob for this group of boys.
    Mike Slipper

    1. Hi Mark

      Thanks for your comment, although I am a little confused, all the boys were indeed beaten on their bare bottoms

  2. Hey i would love to model for this site and be 1 of those boys who knows it might actually do me some good in my private life and teach me some manners and respect instead of me being a spoiled 23yr old only child with an attitude that needs adjusting.

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