Slipper Him 12

Johnny (Ollie Barns) has arrived home from college with a note in hand to give to James (James Holt) and he is none to pleased with the content about Johnny’s behaviour and decides that enough is enough!

Starting with a dose of the trusty slipper firmly being bought down onto his backside.


Which finishes, as it should, on his sore red bare bum

The slippering is then quickly followed with a good hard spanking with Johnny’s feet in the air James’s heavy hand spanking straight on top of his already skippered backside.

Needless to say he will definitely behave from now on – or, at least, try to!!

Ollie Barn plays Johnny



Slipper Him 12 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Slipper Him 12 – in Standard Definition


This video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

Now also at Spanking Library.

Sting Pictures


Title 2257

By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Slipper Him 12”
  1. Thanks, Sting. Great clip, nice reactions by Ollie, nice to see a young man with such a low pain tolerance. I hope to see more of him from Sting. And once again I repeat my wish for a sequel to “A Doctor Calls” featuring a young man faking sick, who first gets a rectal temperature, followed by a good spanking. Maybe we will see this with Ollie? Or a figging scene?

  2. Indeed this is a great clip and the first Sting production I have purchased for several months as in my opinion they have failed to include models like Olie who made Sting many years ago a success.
    Olie and Timmy Cole have for many months been having their lovely twink bottoms disciplined on other adult boys web sites.
    This clip shows to perfection Olie super smooth bottom being nicely slippered and spanked with good close up shots of his bottom and his balls and willy hanging down low between his thighs. a real turn on for me.
    It would be great if Olie and Timmy could be featured together in a school boy discipline clip featuring the slipper and cane.

    1. What other sites? They’re not actually my type, but this is giving me FOMO, as I don’t recall seeing them,which might mean there are places I don’t know about, which cannot stand (more likely I’ve just not noticed, but hey, you never know).

  3. What a joy to see the naughty and impossibly cute little Ollie back over the knee where all naughty boys truly belong! I wondered where the young scamp had gone to!
    I love this clip – it has the most important feature for me of any spanking video and that is a real boner-maker of an underpants sequence, Ollie’s being a nice light grey and the perfect length to frame his bottom for smacking as he bends over the table with his shorts off!
    I join others above in hoping that we’re going to see more of young Ollie. Now we’re into the summer, it would be the cat’s ass to see the boy disciplined in a pair of short shorts!

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