Slipper Him 2

A lot of lads seem to think it’s okay to bunk off college and pick up on essential studying later. Michael (Rick Palmer) is one of them.

Unfortunately for Michael he gets caught lazing around at home by his Step Dad. As it appears the previous warnings are being ignored, even at the pain of a good spanking, it seems the day has arrived where Micheal is going to get one.

There is nothing quite so stingy as Step Dads’ slipper especially when laid on with vigor. Michael is ordered to kneel on the couch, causing his well rounded bottom to be perfectly jutted out. First the slipper descends, cracking into his tight shorts.


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It’s not long before they are off and poor Michael’s bare bottom is feeling the true burning punishment that only India rubber can achieve.

Now for a good spanking, as if the slippering wasn’t bad enough!




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Slipper Him 2 – in Standard Definition


A HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Slipper Him 2”
  1. I was wondering when the slipper would achieve enough prominence to warrant its own series. But how often do sequels live up to their original? In this case, it always comes down to a star Stinglad, and there just aren’t many lads like Rick Palmer, are there? He’s a beautiful young specimen, rather on the beefy side– and boy, is that ever more to love about him! And what a performer! The constant whining and noise-making may not be to everyone’s taste, but to my ears it’s a feast — often what I’m most noticeably lacking from this era of Sting. The writhing and pained faces are the icing on the cake. Rich also goes full-out in this particular release, even going so far as to get a running start before walloping young rascal Rick. An impressive video and highly recommended!

  2. I would love to have seen that old guy pull out his throbbing cock and just fuck Rick senseless after the spanking. Then spank his ass again after the fucking while his hot cum is still dripping out of Ricks ass.

    Have Sting ever thought of making more erotic videos like that? I am sure there is a big market for it, and many guys enjoy watching older man fucking twinks.

      1. Hi Bruce,

        Such a pity, I would be first in the queue to buy videos of him fucking boys. Hornet doesnt appeal to me Im afraid, all the actors are too young and it doesnt seem realistic to me. It would be far hotter (and realistic) if the tops in Hornet were older guys 35-50 taking advantage of the younger boys while spanking them.

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