Slipper Him 3

When Andrew (new StingLad Jacob Dolce) gets himself into trouble for petty theft, the time has come to deal with the situation before it gets worse. Best to nip it in the bud quickly as nobody wants to see a young man’s career go off the rails before it’s even left the station. When he arrives home that very process of much needed discipline will begin.

First off he can take a good bare bottom spanking, working down to that after starting on his jeans and boxers of course.


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After this warm up Andrew is ordered to kneel on the sofa, jutting his already well spanking bare buttocks out, to take a dose of step Dads stinging carpet slipper. The effect is as expected and for a first time spanking punishment it’s more than a wake up call for this hapless youth!

Introducing Jacob Dolce




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By Bruce

5 thoughts on “Slipper Him 3”
  1. WHAT a rascally-looking little lad! SO cheeky! And WHAT a beautifully pert, smackable bottom! Sting, you just have to get him in a double bill with Finn – preferably a school corporal punishment scenario – with the cane! PLEASE say you’ll think about it!

  2. An excellent production 10 out of 10.
    Having seen young Jacob in other adult films I always thought what a brilliant bottom he had for discipline purposes. Never did I believe it would happen. So thank you Sting, Jacob and Rob.
    Rob spanked him hard and the slipper was well applied with a number of strokes being delivered i true schoolboy fashion to the middle of his bottom and how well \\\\jacob for his first time at Sting took the discipline.
    There are some lovely shots of his bottom after his spanking but before the slippering.
    I too would love to see him teamed up with Finn Harper and i would be even better if either Andy Easton or our own special Robin joined them.

  3. Great ass (as others have said) & thighs, well shown off by his positioning over the back of the couch. Jacob’s reactions were wonderful & I agree with Michael about the placing of the slipper. I also really liked the story touches Sting seems to be introducing (‘I was thinking of sitting down in my slippers… but now I can think of another use for one of them… ). Can I third the idea of combining him with Finn as a mischief-making duo?

  4. Lovely, cheeky, young man which I think all of us would like over our lap. i agree, get him back, with or without Finn for the cane

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