Slipper Him 7

Rich is concerned that Keith (Ryan Conway) is skipping off work. It’s not the first time he’s lost his job unnecessarily though absenteeism but there is the rent to pay and he needs to start to take the cost of living more seriously.

It’s time to remind him of his duties, nothing better maybe than to resort to methods he may have forgotten. For a senior lad like him being put over the knee again is something he wouldn’t want his friends to see.


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The time honoured rubber soled carpet slipper thwacking down on his firm, rounded and and well raised bare bottom is definitely something he’s not going to brag about!




Slipper Him 7 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Slipper Him 7 – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

By Bruce

10 thoughts on “Slipper Him 7”
  1. I LOVE these ‘Slipper him!’ scenarios, particularly because the slipper is very much my instrument of choice when it comes to administering corporal punishment to wayward young lads! And I had almost forgotten just how spankable young Ryan actually is – having last seen him in the role of a spanker, which of course he does brilliantly! It was the cat’s ass to see him back over the knee where all naughty boys truly belong! The combination of the black trousers and short, tight black boxer-briefs does it for me every time!

    I do have one request for a future scenario (sorry, Sting, I know I’m always making them!) and that is that to the best of my recollection, I never seen a boy on Sting be laid over the knee for the slipper (which is how I love to punish my own naughty boys!) Being slippered over the knee is a very traditional and time-honoured form of discipline and it would truly show younger fans how things used to be ‘back in the day’ – horrible expression but it happens to be a very useful one!

    Just a thought for another episode…

    1. Good morning Dr van Spanking, I am glad you enjoyed the latest release featuring Ryan and Richard’s slipper!!

      I have passed your request on to Sting

    1. Hi D
      Yes, despite being more grown up, Ryan still needs correction from time to time
      All the recent releases were filmed before Covid hit, in fact this one was filmed the week before Richard fell ill.  

      However, Richard was able to do most of the pre-release editing whilst convalescing (he’s a tough cookie!)

      Everyone is almost fully recovered, and things are gradually getting back to normal, with one new film being shot this week.

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