Slipper Him!

James (Austin Cook) is a lad who in life is used to getting his own way. He’s had an easy ride so far but now his step dad is away working abroad and the boy has been left in the care of a senior guardian.

Letters have been arriving from James’s new college Principal telling of his arrogant and petulant ways whilst attending class. Something has to be done and done now!

Little did James know but instructions were left that if he got too big for his boots then he should be dealt with in the same way his step dad was years back.


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So now he’s going to get a good spanking right down to his bare bottom.




After though he’ll be introduced to that supreme stinger of bad boys bare bottoms, the carpet slipper! It will hurt a lot more that the note of apology he must deliver the next day to his class teacher!









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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Slipper Him!”
  1. I’ve been a fan of Austin since day one. He fits the description of an arrant lad and plays the role extremely well. These modern settings suit him perfectly. Even so, I think Sting should consider reviving their “Oh Brother!” series and including Austin somehow. It doesn’t have to be epic in scope. There is a scene from “Discipline Diary: 1908” (with Sebastian and James B) in which the boys are made to stand in warm bath water before receiving feagings and birchings. i’d love to see Austin in a little nightshirt, too — with Richard! That would be delicious.

  2. A very enjoyable production and how nice to see Austin properly disciplined by Rich. Marco and the others take note Austin this is how to punish wayward boys.
    Austin truly has a delightful bottom and in my opinion it is just right for the slipper perhaps he can next time feel the sting and delight of a plimsol.
    Some of the frames towards the end of the film are a real treasure – smooth bottom well presented and ball and willy on display.
    10 out of 10 to all concerned.

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