Sports Discipline 2

The best place to take a lad who is misbehaving is to the coach (Marco)

This is where one young man (Evan Novak) is heading. He’s been caught hiding in the toilets smoking instead of attending a gym session. The coach has an answer for this type of behaviour and it will almost certainly mean a dose of his cane, followed by the leather strap and a good spanking on the bare bottom!



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By Bruce

2 thoughts on “Sports Discipline 2 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Have just purchased Sports Discipline 2 and what a great download it is.
    The CP shots especially of Axel just keep getting better – where he has shorts down and kneeling on the bench with his bottom pushed up and out is one of the best scenes Sting have done.
    Over the last year we have seen Axel mature into one of Stings best young men however, I do hope he does not to quickly lose his boyish features. He looks to have gained a few kilos in weight and filled out as well.
    Evan who I believe was making his first Sting appearance also looks an excellent choice and another great pair of under pants. If this was his first discipline scene he took it very well and I was quite amazed how much discipline he took. Another great bottom and good looking young man.

    Well done to all concerned and more like this please.

    PS I do hope Sting will not forget to do again some more of their traditional school scenes. They have an excellent group of young men to use.


    1. Hi Mike

      Thanks for your comment, I am glad you enjoyed this Download, I have forwarded a copy to Sting, who, I am sure will be delighted, and will take not of what you say.

      Axel is indeed developing into a very good punishment taker.

      As for Evan, this is actually his return to Sting after almost two years away, he made two videos in 2016 (Approved Education 15, and Birching Block 5) and also one in January 2017 (The Reformatory 2)

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