Sports Report 10

When young Danny Smith (Dominik Black) decides to check the other boys clothes for valuables in the locker room he gets more than he bargained for.

Discovered in the act of theft by another lad, Bobby Parkinson (Ariel Varga) things don’t look good for him. Its only the intervention of the coach Mr Stone (James Holt) that saves his hide. But maybe not, there are consequence for both lads, as, in fact, Parkinson shouldn’t be there either he’s supposed to be out with the rest of the team training!

Having had enough of both these young tearaway’s Mr Stone orders them to his office. Its high time these badly behaved lads felt the sting of punishment.

Firstly young Danny will be hauled high over the coaches knee for a good stinging spanking on his bare bottom.


This will be in front of Bobby Parkinson of course


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However, young Bobby Parkinson shouldn’t rest easy as the coach has by far had enough of his antics too. This time he’ll be getting a walloping as well.


His sports shorts come down, and as with Danny, Bobby will be spanked on his bare backside.




However, if this pair think the Coach has finished with them, they are very much mistaken …..!!






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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sports Report 10 (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Well! I opened up Jock Spank this morning in time to see the words ‘Sports report’ and thought “Fabulous! That means cheeky boys looking spankable in short shorts!” Then my internet access packed up (again – I was without it most of yesterday as well). It takes me a while to run out of swear-words, but I think I managed! When I got the access back, though, it was worth the wait – to see Dominik looking so young and cute in those impossibly brief shorts and watch Ariel being laid over the knee in those black ones, which he wears incredibly smackably, even while he is standing up straight, facing the wall and waiting his turn for a spanking! I love seeing that pair of shorts getting an airing, especially stretched over such a smackable bottom as Ariel’s! Just as an an aside, a thought for a future ‘Sport’s report’: could the boys wear coloured briefs under their short shorts? Boxer-briefs would be alright under the black ones – the white ones might be just a bit too short for them, but slip briefs could be worn. As I say, just a thought.

    The way that supple whippy switch leaves those hot red welts instantly across the boys’ bare bottoms is a serious boner-maker! I have seen other thrashings with canes that have not immediately left red weals across a boy’s bum, so this was a feature of these whackings that almost necessitated a change of underwear on my part! One thing that concerned me a bit – I know the Sting lads get smacked good and hard when they are punished but I thought young Dominik smirked far too much for a boy who is being disciplined. I think it needs impressing on the little monkey that getting your bottom smacked is not a joking mattter! Clearly a strict and firm hand is needed here for a very naughty boy and I hope we see lots more evidence of it happening!

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