Sports Report 15 – The Headmaster

Following on on from Part One its now Robinson’s turn (Ryan Conway) to answer for his conduct. He’s been reported more than once to the Headmaster for using his Prefect status in a corrupt manner. Getting far too big for his boots its time he was taken down a peg or two and let know who really is the boss!



For this lad who knows well how to lay on discipline its time to take some for his own sake.


Click here or on the Read More Tab below to see more pictures WARNING this video features a severe caning



As a senior he’ll get a good hard caning right down to his bare bottom.






After the caning, to quash some of that cocky insolence, he can go over the Headmaster’s knee for a stiff spanking, like a junior lad just might. Next time he feels like using his position of power for personal gain he’ll certainly have something to remember!










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By Bruce

One thought on “Sports Report 15 – The Headmaster”
  1. Haha! I have to say that one of the biggest draws for me about this video were those words of warning ‘This video features a severe caning!’ Who isn’t going to watch it after that??!!

    What a bottom young Ryan has to cane and smack, eh?! WHAT a BOTTOM!!! Like two jellies on springs, lovingly moulded in the kitchens of Spankers’ Heaven especially for the purpose!!

    Can I encourage the policy of letting the boys wear their own coloured underpants for school corporal punishment scenarios, rather than those totally unexciting white boner-killers that some studios seem to make a virtue out of getting a boy to wear for discipline! Given that in popular folklore, white is the colour of purity – well I have to say in all charity that there’s hardly anything much pure going on around here – unless of course it is the purifying of the boys’ naughty natures with well-smacked bottoms!

    The very idea of Ryan thinking that as a senior boy he is too old to be laid over the knee! That is a lovely touch and I think that, especially in these unprecedented times when tough measures are called for in dealing with unruly youths, every older boy needs to be given a first-hand understanding of the reason why the human knee is constructed like it is!

    Ryan is a pretty amazing catch – pray the gods of Spankers’ Heaven don’t let him slip through Sting’s spanky net too soon!

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