Sports Report 15

Robinson (Ryan Conway) is the sort of prefect that likes to catch other lads, up to no good, red handed.

Today he gets lucky and finds another boy (Jerry Bosak) in the changing rooms misbehaving. Now he has the perfect excuse to administer a punishment. Nobody gets of scot free when he’s on patrol!

First off he sends the lad off to get the strap. This will be for starters.


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After the strapping he puts him over his knee for a good bare bottom spanking.

Robinson has been wanting to catch the cheeky football captain for sometime, who this boy also happens to be. He’ll now make sure his muscular backside is spanked red raw.

Having been watching those athletic buns in motion on the field, laying on a spanking is something he has been waiting to achieve.

However, little does Robinson know but his own conduct as a prefect has come in to question and that’s something we’ll find out more about in Part Two.




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By Bruce

13 thoughts on “Sports Report 15”
  1. I don’t like younger spanking younger this is rubbish. I am not impressed!! It’s not believable these guys look the same age and one doesn’t look older then the other bad casting decisions to put to guys who are so similar in age where’s this would’ve made sense with someone like Richard Hicks so I don’t not like it so again this is not what I like to see isn’t it funny though vthdt the spanking doesn’t feature any implement OTK!!

    1. Hi Rich O’Shea has has asked me to pass on his reply to your comment.  He’s sorry you didn’t enjoy this scenario, the age issue in terms of spanker and spankee is obviously a matter of taste.  Many like to see a younger spanker, others like you, don’t.  Nobody will enjoy every movie.

      However, the scenario is not unrealistic, historically it was common for students to be promoted to prefects,  and give authority over people of their own age group.  In some institutions, this included the ability to enforce physical discipline.  Of course, in our current age of safe spaces and microaggressions, such an arrangement is unthinkable.

      However, to quote L P Hartley in “The Go Between” the past is foreign country.

      1. As I pointed out in my own comment below, one of the reasons this scenario hit the spot with me was its believability and the memories it brought back. I was disciplined on a number of occasions by a prefect, often more sadistically than by a master, because there was an undoubted element of bullying to a prefect’s punishment – they enjoyed it and never made any secret of the fact (whereas some masters at least had the decorum, even if they were only pretending, to give some show of regret for having to spank or cane us). And senior boys weren’t immune by any means – I can testify to that personally!
        Call me uncharitable but ‘Truth teller’ rather puts me in mind of the words I hear regularly from one of my elderly Yorkshire neighbours, “There’s some folks as ‘as got nowt better to do than complain!”

  2. I am quite taken with this release. What’s not to like about Ryan Conway as a top? He looks dashing in his shirt and tie, hair slicked back, back straight and tall, his presence confident yet relaxed. In a dreaming-casting coup, he’s paired with another of my favorite lads, Jerry Bosak. There are several details that make this release “tick” for me. I loved Jerry’s pants around his ankles and seeing him waddle over to the wall post-strapping. He has an ideal physique for the “Sports Report” series, well proportioned with lean, tight muscle. Perhaps my self-isolated brain is playing tricks on me, but his buttocks look a little smoother than they did in his last appearance, which is a pity (other viewers will find it an improvement, I’m sure). My only complaint, which could be ignored completely, is the beginning of the video. I’m not opposed to cigarette smoking being the go-to indiscretion for these punishment situations, but I’m a little tired of the boys putting absolutely no effort into hiding it. Why not open a window or something? Other than that, this is a delightful morsel of a release, in keeping with the already high-quality entertainment Sting has provided during this difficult time. I would like to express my sincere gratitude once again to the producers, models, technicians, and bloggers who make it happen and keep me from going entirely insane.

    1. Hi Corey and HRH, I am glad you both enjoyed this video, it made a change to cast two of the lads on their own, without one of the usual sting disciplinarians (however, one will appear in part 2) I am glad that it woked for you both. I will suggest to Sting that they give thought to having the boys go to greater efforts to hide their indiscretions!!

      1. It appears I was mistaken about Jerry’s buttocks. I re-watched a few videos and there’s no evidence to suggest they’ve been shaved here. If he is shaving them, however, I’d love for him to stop, or I’d like to see Marco shave them for him LOL. In any case, Jerry is one of my favorite lads! Thanks again, Bruce.

  3. FANTASTIC! WOW!! It just takes me back to occasions when I had to go to the changing-room myself after school and get into my PE kit for a good hiding – sometimes laid on by a senior prefect who had the privilege of being able to administer discipline to the other lads!

    Young Jerry’s shorts and briefs are the perfect length for punishment, and for me the tantalising glimpse of the waistband of a pair of boy’s underpants is always a boner-maker, especially when it is visible above tight-fitting, short shorts! I hope those shorts are going to became a regular feature of the lads’ wardrobe!

    I couldn’t help noticing, when Ryan bends over to pull out the ‘over-the-knee’ bench, what a pert and cheeky bottom he has in those grey school trousers, bent at a perfect angle for a good spanking! Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see that at some point?!

    1. Thanks Dr van Spanking, I am glad you enjoyed this and that it rekindled some fond memories!!

      As to your comments regarding young Ryan, I suggest you look out for Part 2 of this story, as you may enjoy it (just saying!!)


  4. Bruce honestly, your work is more than just adult entertainment. Fantastic film. I know you get fed up of the same old from me but the whole string of ventures of Sting & Hornet are some of the best films I’ve ever seen which proves a true passion of what you guys are doing. Please give us more of Hornet films. Its easy for me to say this but an extension of what Sting gives us (Hornet) gives us that bix extra!! I appreciate that the models would obviously want a larger payment but I personally would happily pay twice as much to see a Hornet Film with the likes of Mr. Bosak. Stay safe Team Sting…

  5. Did not purchase part one as the preview did seem unrealistic.
    However have bought part 2 and this is really good. Have always liked to see Ryan disciplined and this did not disappoint. For a quite large lad he has a good physique and a great bottom for spanking.
    Rich laid on his punishment well and that thin whippy cane made a good display on Ryans shapely bottom.
    With not much to do of late I have been looking at my quite extensive Sting collection and I have to say some of the boys in the older films really took harder discipline than some of the newer generation and it is great to have downloads which feature 3 plus boys and have quite meaningful scenes/scenario.
    The like of Pau, Brett, Tiger, Danny, Darren, Dale, James H, Robbie, Rusty, Rowan and Sebastian plus many others all had great bottoms and took quite severe punishments for eg Rowan and Sebastian in the Headmaster in which Rusty had a super slippering. Robbie and Danny also took good canings in Discipline Down Under. Thanks Sting for these all time greats and happy look backs.
    Would be nice to hear the reminisces of others.

  6. I love this film and part 2 as well! Can’t thank you enough! Hope more like this will follow! All my best to the production team! Stay safe!

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