Sports Report 17

Its all quiet in the changing rooms till one student Jackson (Jerry Bosak) storms in accusing another lad McGregor (new StingLad Finn Harper) of stealing his phone.

It takes the Coach (James Holt) to break them up and get to the bottom of things.

This he does with relish and punishes Jackson, the aforesaid accuser, in front of the other boy.


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Starting with a good spanking and finally delivering some good swats with the leather belt, even asking McGregor how many he should give, much to the boys amusement of course!

However, all is not what it seems. Jackson is now dismissed but the Coach soon finds out that the accuser was correct, the other lad did have his phone. Time to take that smile of his face!

Well, new boy or not McGregor needs to learn a lesson too, time for his first bare bottom spanking from Coach Stone and under the circumstances its somewhat well deserved! Now even Jackson will get a peek of the other lads comeuppance.

Introducing Finn Harper




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By Bruce

9 thoughts on “Sports Report 17”
  1. Pretty much one of the best films I’ve seen! The new lad is well cute and with Mr. Hot Jerry too… 10/10 Sting.

  2. Must fully agree with Corey, this is an excellent video.
    Have seen Finn on other web sites and he has been very good, This however, was the first time I have seen him disciplined and for what I think was his first time he took a hard hand spanking. Hope Sting will use him again and advance him on to the slipper, he has a bottom just made for that. In the video I just love how he kept feeling his own willy when Jerry was being dealt with.
    Jerry was his usual good self, took both a hard hand spanking and then strapping. Some very good shots of his lovely bottom and strong thighs.
    All told an excellent but and yes I too would mark it at 10.

  3. Wonderful film. James Holt is always fantastic! Just wish we got to see Finn’s first facial reaction to the first spank his bottom ever felt. After watching what Jerry endured, Finn should have been more scared and resisted being pulled over the knee. Jerry should have been called back into the locker room when Coach Holt discovered Finn was a thief and should have enjoyed the show for himself – or better yet, allowed to spank Finn himself with Coach Holt acting as his mentor/instructor. Still – all that said – it was a fantastic film!

  4. A fantastic debut! Young Finn is certainly a find – great good looks, with just a slightly truculent cast that makes him perfect for the part of a naughty teenager! Delightfully boyish physique and – most importantly – a firm, pert, beautifully rounded, lovely smackable bottom! He looks just amazing in those short shorts!

    Finn and the handsome, uberspankable Jerry complement each other perfectly! Just one reservation – next time we see him, I really hope he is wearing coloured underpants!

    1. Hi Dr van Spanking

      I am glad you like Finn, we have received a lot of positive feedback about him, lets hope he has some more colourful pants in his underwear drawer

  5. Young Finn looks promising, hopefully he will last a bit longer than a few of the new recruits which we do not see again like Lukas Lacey. New faces are so welcome, especially with a physique like Finn. Would love to see him paired up with Austin and Robin. Hope everyone at Sting is staying safe and well. Really appreciate you keeping us entertained in these testing times.

    1. Hi Swanlad

      Finn weill certainly be returning, and Sting hope he will become a regular in future movies if he wants to.

      They also hope to get Lukas Lacey back, he is not a local lad, and travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus have prevented him from, filming, hopefully that will change when all the borders reopen

  6. My top three guys in one video. James Holt Jerry Bosak Finn Harper. Maybe its time for a renuion with these three – heres hoping. Great seeing the guys in sneakers and socks.

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