Sports Report 18

Fighting on the college sport field is very much frowned upon. It suppose to be a place of gentlemanly sportsmanship. When Jackson (James Lewis) again started to throw his weight around he soon found himself answering to his housemaster, Mr Sharpe! This time he’d gone too far and was immediately marched back to the changing rooms.

Now sent to get the cane he knew what was coming. That swishy rattan can make very sore impact on a badly behaved lads backslide

…particularly when its bare!


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As the lads Housemaster doesn’t want a repeat of this behavior he sees no reason not to follow up this senior boys caning and give him a good, over the knee, spanking as well!

Now Jackson’s bottom will be really scorched and this event will no doubt be remembered next time, before he throws a punch again.




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5 thoughts on “Sports Report 18”
  1. Hand to God this is a fantastic film! James Lewis is going to be a favorite actor of mine! It has been some time since an actor showed an actual believable reaction to one of Macro’s brilliant and gifted canings. Not meaning to annoy or criticize – but again he accepted his fate without a passionate word of protest – which I wish he would have done and thereby earning himself some extra strokes. I also love when the actor is sent to fetch the cane (or paddle etc) and the camera follows him as he does do. Stupid question this, I know, but that is standard coming from me – why no jockstrap? In this sport is that normal? James is a very handsome fellow if I may state the obvious. Hoping for many films starring him. Marco was brilliant as always. He should enjoy thrashing a bad boy like James more though – thank you for the entire production.

    1. Hi Kass
      Thanks for the feedback, I have passed it on to Sting, a number of visitors, especially Americans, ask about JockStraps, and Sting does feature them from time to time. They don’t appear that often because many of Sting’s sports based stories are set in Britain where the wearing of jockstraps tends to be less common, especially in the mid 20th century as featured in many of the period stories.

      I do agree about the camera following the unfortunate lad when he is sent to collect the item which will be used on him. Really hot!!

  2. Wow, that was a hard caning! Nice looking guy with a great personality. Also nice to see offenders wearing sports kit without underwear, as this was how it was back in the day. I really liked his reactions from clasping his bum to subsiding into grim endurance as the hand spanking escalated. Reactions should be hard-won & they were! It would be great to see Finn & Jacob undergo this ordeal (if they can be persuaded… ).

  3. Sports Report 18! Brilliant! So real and convincing that I winced with every stroke. Loved the way his hand flew to rub his bum, but then how he managed to control himself and bend for another biting stroke of the cane. Marco being vicious and James Lewis coping with everything Marco had to give. Nice bum, handsome lad. Hats off to the actors and to the team behind the cameras! More of the same, please!

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