Sports Report 2: It’s back in the gym where as the saying goes, ‘there’s no gain without  pain’. Well, if the lads behaved themselves bit more that might not always be the case. 

Take students Rogers (Darren) and Hawkins (Randal Pittman) after losing the match these lads decided to throw more than just a few insults at the opposition team coach. Furious at their dishonourable behaviour the manager orders them to be dealt with by Mr Robinson (Eddie Savion) their trainer.

Just as annoyed as the manager he soon has the two strapping players over his lap and spanks their rounded muscular bare bottoms bright red! 


This is certainly not enough discipline for our overly verbal miscreants so next the rattan cane is taken off the hook. Palms placed on the gym bench side by side then… twipp crack! 

The cane bites into their nicely curved pre spanked bottoms and the stripes begin to appear, each one delivering a band of fire! 


Meanwhile another student Tony Dixon (Rudi Vallance) in the words of his housemaster has become intolerably arrogant and insolent. He is told to report to PE master Mr Jackson (Toby Haines) The usual over the knee spanking is delivered first on tight white underwear then on to Dixon’s particularly rounded bare bottom. 


Young Mr Jackson too doesn’t do things by half and his favourite instrument is the legendary empire rubber gum shoe. With Dixon over the vaulting horse this he brings down in violent collision with the unruly lads muscular now raw bare bum cheeks. 

Next it’s the strap, three tails of stinging leather to finish the job. Jackson may not be such a mouthy young lad in future but perhaps we just might hope a little that he yet again fails his sports report.
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By Bruce

6 thoughts on “Sports Report 2”
  1. Another great download from Sting. A cast from Heaven and Sting’s superb production values, what could be more perfect?

    And, no offense to Rich and Rob it is nice to see you are training up some younger spankers, Eddie Savion has taken to the role very well.

    Happy Easter holiday

  2. Darren has still got it! Everything about him is so hot.

    How’s about giving him a good long slippering next time?

  3. Just wondering if Sports Report 2 HD will become available to purchase at some point? Many thanks.


    1. Hi Corey

      I regret Sting is no longer offering videos in 720p definition, and that may be why only the Standard definition version of Sports Report 2 is available. Newer videos are available in 1080p Extra Gigh Definition, but I don’t think that was the case when Sports Report 2 was made.

      I will check with Sting and let you know .

    1. As I understand it production of both CFNM and Hornet will re-start once Sting are settled in their new Studio.

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