Sports Report 20

Sports Report 20

Sports trainers don’t want to be wasting their time and effort if their trainees can’t be bothered to stick to the agreed schedule. Coach Conway (Ryan Conway) is no exception and has an agreement with his team members that he’ll take stiff disciplinary action if they don’t follow his rules.

One fit lad, showing great promise, is Jerry (Jerry Bosak) He’s close to achieving his goal but is starting to make silly mistakes and take his eye off the ball.

Caught out during a training session the coach decides to invoke his power of punishment and get the lad refocused.


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The best way to do this is with the hard flat of his had slapping down firmly on the lads rounded and bared bottom. A big muscular lad like this, taken over the knee like a naughty boy, is a good start.

Having to take the humiliating wheelbarrow position, legs splayed, is an even better ending

Jerry Bosak




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  1. Maybe this strapping lad will need a strapping with leather before he learns his lesson. Imagine being a cocky alpha jock at age 18 or 19 having your bare butt swatted in Coach’s office then standing in the corner, displaying your red, sore mounds to your teammates! The other young bucks did indeed snap pictures of Jerry’s hairy, crimson bare rump & shared them all over campus, plus, his best buddy even texted a copy to Jerry’s dad, who thought it was hilarious!

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