Sports Report 23

Sports Report 23

Some lads like Johnson (Finn Harper) seem to have their own agenda and that’s all that matters. Getting caught doing what you’re not supposed to be doing is seen as just a hazard.

However, when you are caught breaking the rules sometimes the consequences outstrip the motive by giving grounds for immediate and severe retribution.


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This is the case for Johnson who must now take whatever punishment his Housemaster dishes out. In this case it’s going to start with a whacking with a ferule

Then there’s a darn good bare bottom spanking to follow!

Finn Harper plays Johnson




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9 comments on “Sports Report 23

  1. Always a welcome return with Finn. very much looking the part in a cute pair of shorts and some amazing blue underwear which we get a good view of at the end. As always a great scene with Finn just would have been good to see Finn disciplined over the underwear too. Finns amazing legs on display – he never disappoints.

  2. I fully concur with Ethan.
    The white shorts truly set the scene for what followed and Finn does have a marvellous bottom and thighs to match.
    My criticism is of Marco the implement should always be the most memorable part of the discipline but once again it was hand spanking that had Finn in difficulty.
    Anyway a great watch and worth waiting for.

  3. I’m so happy to see a new Finn video!! I love a good reaction to a punishment, and Finn never disappoints, although he seemed to be holding it in more this time than in his last video! He looked great in those shorts, and I loved the dirty looks he shoots at Marco from time to time. I do wish Marco would aim a bit lower to reach the “seat” – then you know a naughty lad will remember it when he sits down later – but I do so appreciate the way he finished each session with a bit of dramatic flair that really got Finn’s attention! Great video, hope we get to see more frequent videos with Finn coming up.
    Continuing to send healing thoughts Rob’s way, hoping he’s back to “spaking-fit” form ASAP.

  4. Excellent video. Those shorts on Finn are just amazing. Love the way they appear on him when he’s sat down – that slight hint that (if you looked from the right angle) you might just glimps what is inside them.

    But smoking! Tut tut Finn, you fully deserved what was coming to you. 🙂

    Well done to the Sting team for finding yet another scenario for Finn – please keep bringing him back for more.

  5. What a great pair of underpants Finn wears in this video. It would have been appreciated if we had seen him punished wearing them. Yet another missed opportunity to add variety to what is otherwise an excellent production.

  6. I hate to keep on myself with this theme brought up yet again by Swanlad and mentioned in the very first comment by Ethan, and I’m sure there will be those thinking ‘For fcuk’s sake, change the record, Van Spanking!’ But as Swanlad points out, here is yet another missed opportunity. Finn always looks so spankable in his underpants and the pair he is wearing in this video are a fantastically smackable shade of blue and also the perfect length to frame the lad’s cheeky bottom for discipline! Perhaps we could see him spanked in them at some point in the future – maybe, he says ever hopeful, laid over the knee?

    In the highly competitive and not wonderfully lucrative market of internet spanking videos, missed opportunities are surely likely to lead to loss of revenue. I know it is down to personal tastes but, whichever the studio concerned, if a clip doesn’t have a good underpants sequence, I quite simply don’t buy it. I’m not saying that a studio can’t get underpants sequences wrong either – baggy boxers or white boner-killers, however brief and tight, absolutely make my ass drag! But that wouldn’t have been the case with this particular selection from Finn’s pants-drawer – I just feel more could have been made of it, especially after such a tantalising view of blue waistband as Finn bends over the bench for punishment – the best way to find out what colour underpants a boy is wearing, except, obviously, when he takes his trousers off!

    All that said, this was, I’m sure, a great clip if the preview was anything to go by! Young Finn just looks so finger-itchingly fantastically punishable bent over in those short shorts, bringing back memories of painful disciplinary sessions in the boys’ changing-room or the privacy of the PE teacher’s office! And, as has been pointed out above, a wonderfully convincing performance on our lad’s part! Thank you, Finn, my boy – and well taken!

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