The second  set of pictures from Sports Report 4 – Doing the Rounds
Introducing two new Sting Lads

 Another boy, Rogers (New Sting Lad Joey Whyte) has also partaken of the demon drink and the Headmaster is becoming suspicious

He orders his assistant Mr Sharpe (Marco) to get to the bottom this new phenomenon.
Rogers refuses to tell the truth so a spanking is laid on. Although his
bare bottom is a scorching red he’s determined to say nothing.





 Mr Sharpe ups the odds by choosing to use his well used leather belt. 


Rogers is definitely feeling it but still refuses to speak but eventually its the threat of the time honoured stinging rattan cane that finally does the trick!



The games up and the perpetrator is brought to book. Mr Hardmann will be dealt with by the Headmaster exactly the same way as the coach had dealt with the boys.



The bare bottom spanking is bad enough for this senior but now he is finding the old brown leather strap far harder to bear. 


However its nothing to the caning that follows the strap leaving Mr Hardmann’s red raw bare bottom striped, stinging and sore. His days as an off the cuff barman have suddenly come to a painful end!



By Bruce

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