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Sting CFNM: Cheat

Starring Robin Palmer, Lola Prazak and Jenny Buzzard

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WARNING: Sting CFNM videos feature young men being disciplined by Strict women




While his girlfriend was not at home, or so he thought, Justin (Robin Palmer) uses the time to take advantage of a pretty young woman Kristine (Jenny Buzzard) whom he had met the night before. Just as things start to look good for young Justin in comes his girlfriend Vicky (Lola Prazak) and she is none to happy about the situation, as is Kristine who thought that Justin was single but now finds he is in fact he is just a liar and a Cheat!

A heated exchange ensues and the two women quickly team up to set about dealing with Justin. He is now going to learn the hard way about being a dishonest cheat.


Like any naughty boy they order him to strip off and start by giving him a damn good spanking. What happens after this of course he thoroughly deserves!



















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Sting CFNM: Cheat – in Standard Definition


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