Sting CFNM: Consequences (Part 1 of 2)

The latest Sting CFNM release is Consequences starring Joshua Clarke, Ryan Conway, Naomi Bennet and introducing Sonia Beton

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WARNING: Sting CFNM feature young men being disciplined by strict women

Sting: CFNM Consequences

Maintaining discipline in a busy Kiwi college down is a full time job and sometimes to get it done the Headmaster has to delegate some responsibility to others.

Two lads (Joshua Clark and Ryan Conway) have been pushing their luck too far and are sent to the Head to be disciplined.

This time he doesn’t have the time to do it so leaves it to the Deputy Headmistress (Sonia Beton)) and the female PE teacher (Naomi Bennet) to finish the job.


They waste no time in giving these young upstarts a lesson to remember, a stinging flat headed clothes brush being the favourite implement of the Deputy Headmistress.
















The humiliating punishment isn’t over yet!!


9 comments on “Sting CFNM: Consequences (Part 1 of 2)

  1. I generally don’t buy these CFNM videos because the ladies simply don’t spank hard enough. That general rule applies here as well.

    However, the two bad boys in this film make a nice contrast – tall, slender, fair-haired, fair-skinned, untattooed Ryan Conway versus shorter, more muscular, darker-skinned, heavily-tattooed Joshua Clark.

    By the way, Bruce, can you tell us whether Joshua Clark is sporting a suntan, or he simply has olive skin?

    I look forward to seeing more of these two handsome young gentlemen in upcoming Sting videos.

    • Hi Rasputin
      I think that Joshua had a bit of a tan when he filmed this. However, I think he is one of those lucky people who tan quickly and easily, if you look at his earlier videos, he has always had quite a “golden” skin.

  2. I am in the same camp as Rasputin, in the fact that although I purchase these f/m films I do so rarely and normally it is based on the male actors in the cast – but I must say I highly enjoyed this one. The boys’ shame at being disciplined by women was wonderful to watch. I thought the actress Naomi Bennet was fantastic and only wished she used that hairbrush longer and with each boy over her knee in turn. Sonia Beton, as headmistress, should have been more in charge of the punishment. Loved the way she enjoyed herself watching though. Could someone please suggest to the actors to look towards the camera? Ryan tends to turn his face away. Wish there was more of the actresses “sizing up” the actors as they desperately “fig-leafed” themselves. A wonderful film – just wished there was more. Really enjoyable. It would have been fun if the boys resisted more – gave a bit of alpha male sexism to inspire the ladies to really lay it on all the more. Maybe Joshua could have let the “B” word fly and gotten an extra spanking with the hairbrush while having his mouth washed out with soap.

  3. Can I please ask a question – could you take a tally of the actors and ask them which is more shameful, being spanked by a man or a woman? Also, would they be willing to take a harsher punishment to avoid being “publicly shamed”? What I mean by that is – if you’re going to be spanked/caned would you take more spanks/strokes to avoid being spanked/caned in front of other people? Does the answer depend on whether or not your being watched by someone of your own sex?

    • Hi Kass

      Sting put your questions to a few of the guy. As with most of Sting’s actors, the boys questioned were straight, and none were personally “into spanking” as a personal fetish. They do not enjoy being spanked at all, either by men or by women as it is painful and humiliating. However, being straight, they found it particularly uncomfortable and embarrassing to be spanked in front of a woman.

      Two were unsure as to whether they would opt for a more severe punishment rather than being publicly shamed, however, one said he would do what he had to in order to avoid public humiliation.

      Sting have noted what you say about the boys resisting punishment, and may consider something on those lines at some point in the future.


  4. sorry – but just one more question (I love “COLUMBO”) – does the underpants (Boxers vs Briefs) also add to the embarrassment? And why do the actors in these films always so readily submit to the punishments? I realize these are films and that is what’s called for by the script – but how come in practically every film none of the bad boys seems to resist or say NO and are overcome by the spanker? I, personally, would love to see a struggle – especially in these f/m storylines.

    • Hi Kass

      Thanks for your questions. I have forwarded them to Sting, and we’ll see if we can get some answers for you


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