The latest Sting CFNM release is “Splash Back” starring Judy Steel and beefy new Sting hunk Viktor Adam

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WARNING: Sting CFNM videos feature young men being disciplined by Strict Women


Sting CFNM: Splash Back

Getting overly bold with the female swim team instructor is not a good idea as one young team member was about to find out.

Coming back in to the changing room and seeing an opportunity to flick her butt with a towel was something the swimmer (new StingLad Viktor Adam) should have really thought about first.


he instructor, Miss Steel (Judy Steel) wasted no time in letting him know either! This big bad ass boy is going over her knee to get a good spanking, like a junior boy she might instruct from the junior team!

How embarrassing!














After that, well a good dose of a strap might well make him see the error of his ways and be more polite in future. To Miss Steel bad behaviour is never a laughing matter!








By Bruce

28 thoughts on “Sting CFNM: Splash Back”
  1. Well – Viktor Adam – may I ask, how did you find such an actor? By doing a goggle search “Norse Mythology god”? He is a glorious example of a hearty & healthy male. But sadly this film did not live up to the advertisement photos. I saw them and said – Thank you God finally a Towel Snapping in a StingPicture! But then had to ask myself – what’s the lady doing in the men’s changing room (locker-room)? In Prague do you have unisex locker-rooms? The actress was lovely, but not nearly angry enough. Viktor’s punishment, so well deserved, should have been much more sever. I found Viktor’s reaction to being spanked by her too subservient. Although I like the irony of what appears to be an “alpha male” by appearance being a “beta male” in reality, it just doesn’t seem to work in this film. My preference is Sting’s strong point, the man-to-man discipline films, but I have purchased many of your female-to-male films whenever I found a scenario appealing. For example Travis getting spanked by the Head-Mistress, the boyfriend caught with porn films, Joey getting the belt cause he disgracefully spied into the girls’ showers – or that very good one when Robin was caught cheating on his girlfriend. But for some reason though these films – all of them – have always lacked the intense punishment that the storyline suggests and I expect. I do believe these incredibly beautiful women could give the beatings these bad boys deserve – so why don’t they ever do so?

    1. Hi Kass

      Thanks for your comment, I am sorry that you were disappointed by some aspects of this film, however, the stills posted to the blog are screenshots taken directly from the 1080p video, so they do reflect the content.

      A F/m film will inevitably be different than a M/m one, women often tend to spank differently, and and if sometimes the smacks don’t have the force of a male delivery, that is more than made up for by the humiliation a big guy like Viktor will feel being spanked by a woman.

      Sting tell me that Viktor felt that Judy smacked him really hard, and that his reactions were totally genuine. Many people prefer to see an actor showing that the spanking hurts rather than being totally stoic.

      Miss Steel’s presence in the locker room is explained by the fact that she is a gym mistress and was probably there carrying our an inspection

  2. Yes yes yes, this is what we’ve been waiting for! A big husky masculine guy shamed and disciplined by a strict female. More like this please STG pix and with even more humiliation added in next time.

    I just LOVED the way she took his swimming speedos down, so humiliating for a big guy like this. Miss Steel is super cool

    It could only have been hotter if she had pulled him by the ear , but I guess she couldn’t reach. Ha Ha

    1. Hi Maxwell, thanks for the feedback. there is one thing I have noticed with the CFNM fans and that is that Humiliation seems very popular. The more humiliating and embarrassing the scenario is for the unlucky male the better.

      I will feed that fact back to Sting

  3. Oh God! I can’t believe that my dream come true. I wanted to comment as soon as I saw the post, but I eventually chose to wait and buy the video first. This is definitely the best Sting CFNM video I ever watched. I really love it. Having a fit hunky guy and putting him in his place makes this release so special and worth my money. Viktor Adam really did great job. He is so attractive and masculine. I really want to see him in future Sting CFNM releases. Miss Steel as well was really good. I only wish if there was little bit more verbal interaction between them while spanking (Her scolding him, or him begging her to stop). I really love how his speedo is so small and how miss Steel took it down that way as he was so embarrassed. I also love corner times as it’s very humiliating especially for a big guy like him. When she held his hands from the back at the end, I thought she would examine her work by her hands or give him a remainder slap to hold still and not to move. I would really love to see this. So yeah as Burce said, the more humiliating and embarrassing the scenario is the better.
    Thank you Sting CFNM, Victor, and Miss Steel, you really made my day. I’m glad that there was no another male spanker as it’s supposed to be CFNM. It was a turn off for me before. Now excuse me, I’am going to rewatch it again 🙂

  4. Like to add that I think its very good of Sting to allow a platform such as this where many other blog’s don’t allow any criticism at all. I think if you prefer MM spanking its best to stick with it. I’m very much bi in my preferences and like the diverse mix. I just like spanking in any from. I think to suggest all the CFNM films Sting make are not hard hitting is completely inaccurate and simply not true. For example Joey Whyte in Looking For Trouble got a severe belting from all concerned while Kurt Maddox in Miss Steel got a caning just as hard if not harder than many Sting MM stories. Robin Palmer with Aunt Claudia got a good hiding with action better than I have seen at any other CFNM site. This latest release is excellent and I agree with Kass that the male model is a great find. For me Stings intro in to CFNM spanking have produced some of the best out there – keep the cameras rolling.

  5. A nice little video, good story and great cast. I think CFNM is much hotter with a more masculine guy, rather than a twink. I am not being picky, but handsome as Viktor is, he’s a bit too heavy and muscular for my taste. I would prefer the likes of the young Travis McKinnon, Joey White or someone like the original Paul (who I still dream about after all these years) and, as was suggested earlier, lots of humiliation and embarrassment for the unhappy naked male.

    The one twink I do like is Robin Palmer, “Don’t Cross Claudia” and “Got the Blues” are two of my all time favorites , followed by “Looking for Trouble”, “The Right Dose” with Don Diego and “Detention” with Travis.

    My Ideal CFNM would be to have a group of hot women like Miss Steel, Anna Swix, Natalie Bennett, Lili Peterson and Dagmar Ostra (Aunt Claudia) picking on one unlucky guy, like Joey or maybe Robin.

    1. Hi Sasquatch, that is an interesting idea for a story, the cast might stretch the budget a bit, but who knows what might be possible if Sting CFNM becomes even more popular.

      I like your list of favourite videos, do other visitors have favourite Sting CFNM videos they would like to list?

      1. Hi Bruce, for me, I would say Splash Back is my favorite video. Thanks to masculine Victor and the scenario, the video has many things that I wished to watch since I started following Sting CFNM. I think one of the basic concepts about cfnm+spanking scenarios is having strong ladies who don’t take any crap from bad-behaved guys and their dumb masculinity which would be broken soon over their knees. Therefore. in my opinion, twinks don’t do the trick for me. However, to be fair, I have favorite parts for many Sting CFNM video.

        – In ‘Round the Bend’, I like how he was left working naked after being spanked. Doing chores in this position is extremely hot and would love to see this in future.
        – In ‘Sparky’, I like how he was desperately resisting, left standing naked and shy trying to cover his crotch, and cleaning his mess naked with his red butt in front of her. The ear pulling made the scene even better.
        – In ‘The Right Dose P1’, I like how after undressing the player she let him keep his sporty socks, shoes and leg pads indicating that he is an athletic jock, yet he is getting spanked. I also like how his butt is smooth and hairless. Injecting him after punishment was my favorite part of the video.
        – In ‘Uninvited’, I think my favorite part was when the two boys were forced to stand and show their roasted bottoms to the girls to see their handwork and laugh at them.
        – In ‘Don’t Cross Claudia’, I like how the girl accidentally witnessed his punishment and he realized this. I also love how he was forced to walk naked to the kitchen to bring the stick knowing that he will be punished by it. Claudia scolding is so AMAZING. I really hope to hear some scolding while spanking in the new videos. Pulling him by his ear while his red ass is shining and telling him that “From today we will start again and things will be different”, was definitely my favorite part of this video.
        – In ‘Detention 2’, I like how Travis has a beautiful body. I also love how smug and macho he is trying to look. His facial expressions and behavior show toxic masculinity that it needs to be treated ASAP. Despite how is he being stripped out of his clothes and spanked, he still tries to look like a big boy and tough guy. I like how she made him stand in front of the wall while she is sitting there looking at his naked body and red cheeks exposed to her and there was nothing he could do about it. However, the second time she made him stand in front of the wall was even better as she kept working on her papers neglecting the naked man rubbing his sore ass next to her.
        – In ‘Michael’s Continued Misery’, I like how he was stripped down and forced to stand in front of the girls naked with his hands behind his head waiting for his punishment. I believe humiliating situations like this is even more effective than the physical punishment itself. I also like how his ass was so close and exposed to the girls while it was getting smacked by his mom. I only wish if his dad wasn’t there. Lastly, I like how he was left in front of the wall while the girls were leaving and laughing at him.
        – In ‘The Right Dosage, P1’, I like how athletic Max Duggan is, and how the nurse made him undressing himself in the middle of the punishment despite that his butt was naked from the beginning. It added more humiliation to the scene but not as much as the butt-slap she gave him while leaving. That was my favorite part in the whole video. I wished when he laid down on the bed at the end of the video, she came back with an injection or enema for him.
        – In ‘Miss Steel PE Mistress’, I love how they were forced to see each other’s punishment and how one of them was receiving his spanking while wearing a jockstrap, then forced to take it down in the middle of the punishment. It was also so hot that he was, for a second, neglected and left standing in front of the wall rubbing his roasted cheeks while she is waiting for the other guy to undress and lay over her knee. Not to mention how she ordered both of them to spread their legs while receiving her swats.
        – In ‘Miss Behavior”, the guy with the longer hair has a very smooth, yet meaty butt. Watching it getting swatted was so amusing. Meaty hairless butts are my favorite to see in spanking situations.

        And above all of these favorite parts, Splash Back is still my favorite video. My dream is to see all these favorite parts in one video, and starring by Victor or any other athletic big guy.
        SO SORRY if my comment is so long, but I am a big fan of Sting CFNM and loyal, but picky, customer. I check the blog everyday and really hope if we don’t have to wait for almost a month to see a new release. You guys are doing great job. Thank you for hearing from us.

        1. Hi Noah
          Please don’t apologise for the length of your e-mail I enjoyed reading what you had to say about each video and what you enjoyed about each one, I also saw quite a few common themes with other CFNM fans. I also know that Sting like to receive feedback like this so that they know what people like.

          Thanks very much it was an interesting read

          1. Thank you so much Bruce. I really appreciate it.
            I forgot to add a wishlist of stunning actors who did m\m and would love to watch them in f/m videos if possible. These actors are: Joel Vargas, Phil Stone, Dorian Easton, Jirka Mendez, Ryan Torres, Leonardo King, Robbie Kasl, Dexter, Vadim Loxley, and Richy Casey.
            And of course, more of Victor please 🙂

        2. Good list Noah and one I agree with in a number of ways. I especially agree with the fact that Travis needed that arrogant streak of toxic masculinity spanked out of him. My only problem with Discipline 2 was the end which appeared to imply that Travis enjoyed it a bit too much. The lady should have spanked him until he stopped enjoying it.

          “Splash Back” was good but I wouldn’t say it was my favorite. I like the fact that the guy getting spanked is a big hunky guy but there are other Sting CFNM flix I prefer.

          I think that my favorite/s are a tie between “the Right Dose” and “Miss Steel PE Mistress”, but that was was mostly down to Don Deigo’s lovely smooth bottom and his appealingly OTT acting style, which is very entertaining.

          I concur that the needle jab in that magnificent bum at the end was the cheery on a delightful cake. I can think of a few boys who would benefit from a jab with Nurse Bennet’s frightningly big syringe, in both butt cheeks, starting with mischievous Robin Palmer.

          On the subject of the wonderful Robin Palmer, his enchanting performance next to the force of nature that is Aunt Claudia is also a favourite CFNM video. Any naughty boy who crosses Aunt Claudia does so at his peril and is bound to regret it.

          Other top themes were “Michael’s Misery” although I would of preferred a more macho actor than Alessandro, and Round the Bend if Victor Creedon had less hairy buns.

          Other honourable mentions go to “Looking fir Trouble” with Joey Whyte, Anna Swix and Marco, “Misbehaviour” with the two naughty boys pillow fighting at the beginning, Casper and Joshua both have such lovely bottoms.

          I too agree with all those who say the boys need to be humiliated as well as spanked.

          Sting CFNM is the most promising CFNM studio around, I think they are still finding their way.. However, they are doing well and they will soon be a rival to another big CFNM studio I could name, .

      2. I think buying a new cushion stretches the budget a bit ha ha ! I was reading comments recently on a spankers forum and Sting are becoming notorious now for their awful low budget sets. Several members were commenting about it and how far they have fallen recently compared to the sets they used to have. It’s a shame to see a once reverred studio now becoming the butt of peoples jokes.

        1. @ John LC – That is a strange thing to say, where have you seen comments like that? I follow most spanking forums that I know of, and I have never seen any negativity about Sting, very much the contrary, people speak highly of them.

          The sets and props look more than okay to me.

        2. The only place I have seen critical comments about Sting’s sets was on this blog when someone moaned about the bed/set in an Angry Dads clip. Then Bruce explained that Sting works from a studio which made a lot of sense.

          There most certainly is no widespread talk about settings, so I don’t know where the OP is seeing it

          With respect, it is a non-issue, nobody is looking at the background in a hot spanking scene.

  6. Has it been discussed with Viktor whether or not he would receive from a male? I think he’s gorgeous.

    1. Hi Damien, I can confirm that Viktor is prepared to appear in Male on male spanking videos, and Sting are looking forward to setting this up

  7. I agree with @RobinsDad I haven’t seen any forums posting negativity towards Sting and the sets Where are these posts anyway?

    I do recall the comment about the bed on the blog a while back but with no disrespect to the effort Sting do put in to the sets most people would be focused on the spanking action anyway. I know my eyes are drawn to everything but lol.

    Also @Alex is right… Sting are spoken highly off because they are nice people. I have had a few quibbles about things in the past but Sting have remained professional and always showed kindness to me and to their fans. Sting also are kind enough allowing free clips on special occasions like “Red Robin” at Xmas and “Nightmare” on Easter. My favourite spanking clips are from Sting the content is some of the best around and the sets have always been satisfactory for a porn clip. This isn’t a Hollywood movie you need to remember this is porn at the end of the day.

    Above all and where I’m concerned is the actual action and technique no one can argue how amazing some of there models are at discipline. I think that is key with any spanking studio. If you had the most amazing set in the world something from a Hollywood movie and the spanker had no idea how to spank youd hear a lot of compliments so as long as the actual spanking is the main focus that’s all that matters. The sets are to add to the theme of what’s happening they are not in my eyes the main focus… Sting are not interior designers lol.

  8. Odd comment from John JC and I would like to know where this forum is too I know most of them and the spank blogs. Sorry John but I’m going to use the idiom wtf! Have you seen any other spanking studios sets? I think not. Sting have always said they are studio based and don’t need to apologise for this. Spanking Central are too and he is quite ingenious with what he has. They don’t always get it right but Sting have increased their sets in the last years or so, the clinic and gym are particularly good. The action is always very well shot, Robin Palmer’s naughty artwork films were just great. They seem to be the only studio too who enhance their stories with video technique, CGI I think its called. Tell me one other studio that fields the huge range of costumes and props that they do. Fallen don’t be daft they have risen to be the best Spanking studio out there, as I said before the Waner Bros of the spank film world. The only joker here is you dear fellow.

  9. I TOTALLY agree with Luke! Who is going to be trying to see if the pattern on a curtain is the latest in vogue, when you have gorgeous hunky bare bums bending for hot wallopings. I also think toned down conservative decor sometimes lends itself well to the themes like school and college scenes. Still Id really love it Sting made another outdoor scene. Outdoor can sometimes be so edgy and erotic.

  10. I wish John LC had worded his comment more tactfully, because I do think there is a sliding scale of Sting sets — all of them comparatively above-average, but some clearly better than others. I would have liked to have had a more civilized discussion about it. WHERE — by the way — is this mysterious spankers’ forum???

  11. I usually don’t like these CFNM videos because the girls don’t spank hard enough for my taste, and Judy Steel is no exception. However, when she is spanking a hunky guy like Viktor Adam, who cares?

    Viktor Adam is a big, handsome, muscular guy and he looks great in that tight-fitting, skimpy speedo. He also affects an animated acting style – lots of grunting, groaning, grimacing, squirming while being spanked. It must be humiliating for a big hunky guy like Viktor to be spanked OTK by a girl, and then be stripped naked for even more spanking.

    Please let us see more of Viktor Adam getting spanked OTK (by guys, that is) while wearing tight, skimpy speedos or underwear.

    Very well done.

  12. One more thing – I liked the way Viktor’s speedo clinged so tightly to his buttocks that the fabric went into his butt crack. A very nice touch.

  13. And another thing – Usually you have the guy strip himself for a bare-bottomed spanking. However, in this video the lady untied and pulled down Viktor’s speedo; I actually prefer it like that. I can imagine that a big, muscular, masculine guy found it humiliating to be stripped and spanked, like a little boy, and spanked by a girl at that. In future videos perhaps you could have a facial shot of the spankee while his trousers and underwear (or speedo) are pulled down; that way we can see the surprise and humiliation on his face. For that matter, in some of your future male-on-male spanking videos you should have the spanker strip the spankee.

  14. Here is a suggestion for a future video.

    Viktor is wearing that gray speedo again. The head swimming coach, who is a guy, is angry with Viktor, and orders Viktor to lie over his lap. The coach then gives the young swimmer a very hard OTK spanking, so hard that Viktor yells in pain and squirms and kicks over the coach’s lap while being spanked. The coach then stops, says that Viktor is struggling too much, and orders Viktor to stand up and put his hands behind his back. Viktor obeys. The coach ties Viktor’s wrists behind his back. Then the coach picks up a sock and orders Viktor to open his mouth. Viktor protests and promises to be quiet, but the coach insists. Viktor opens his mouth, the coach stuffs the sock into the swimmer’s mouth, and he seals the gag in place either with a strip of duct tape wrapped over his mouth and around his head, or with a cloth tied over Viktor’s mouth. Viktor grunts and makes “mmmpppfff” sounds while he is being gagged. Then the coach places Viktor over his lap and spanks him even harder than before, first on his speedos and then on his bare buttocks. Viktor squirms, kicks, grimaces, grunts and makes “mmmpppfff” sounds while he is being spanked, but the coach can control him better now that the lad is bound and gagged.

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