In Discipline Down Under – Smouldering Butts Part 1 two naughty boys, Rudi and Xander, get caught stealing the PE Master’s cigarettes
 Now they are in big trouble and it won’t just be the cigarettes which are smouldering …!!
 It will be their well spanked bare bottoms!!
 As the Sports master Mr Bentley teaches them the error of their ways, with a firm hand


Like all PT masters Mr Bently won’t be finished with this punishment till his trusted India rubber gym shoe is brought in to play.
Now bent over together, the well-used flattened sole is burning its message in to both boys’ bare backsides. You’ve tried your luck and pushed to see how far you can go and this is the result, two nicely rounded but now very raw red bare bottoms. No Mr Bently really is no push over.


However far from being a role model for intelligence and good behaviour this young PT master has now got himself in to trouble. As with others before him he gets a stark choice. Its dismissal or being punished in the same way as misbehaving sixth former would be


Not wanting to lose his job Mr Bently settles for an off the record in house punishment. Now he too is over the knee and feeling the hard slap of the Headmaster hand on his own bare bottom.


He yelps his way through this long spanking but now has to face a hard dose of a thick old leather strap! It will be interesting to see how stoic he can be when this lethal leather butt burner collides with his already spanked bare backside, not so much it seems.

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By Bruce

12 thoughts on “Sting: Discipline Down Under – Smouldering Butts (Part 2)”
  1. IMHO the models being spanked should be good-looking, sturdy, physically fit, clean-cut, smooth (i.e. not hairy) and have a demonstrative acting style – i.e., they should squirm, kick, grimace, cry out in pain, etc. Skinny, fragile-looking twink types turn me off.

    Rudi Vallance is one of my favorite Sting models, but both Xander Hollister and Jerry Henderson are too twinkish for my taste. As a result, I did not buy this video.

    1. Hi Rasputin

      I do know your preferences, and I am sorry this one wasn’t really your thing. Sting will have some coming soon which may be more to your liking 🙂

    2. Bruce,

      Is there a video preview of this clip? Jerry Henderson may not be my physical type, but if his acting is demonstrative (i.e., kicking, squirming, yelping, grimacing, groaning, etc.) I might be persuaded to buy this video after all. I know Rudy will give a good performance, so if Jerry’s performance on the preview clip is good, I will have enough reason to buy it.

    3. Hi again Rasputin

      Sting plans to release video previews for a number of their recently released videos in the near future, possibly as early as next week. This should be one of them.

    4. Surely if the boys are acting rather than being natural in the clips this then defeats the whole purpose. I would rather the boys were left to make whatever sounds came naturally rather than “acting” them. For me this would ruin a clip if I knew their performance was acted rather than being real. john

  2. It’s incredible to read about individual tastes. I share Rasputin’s enthusiasm for Rudi and demonstrative acting, but I also like (and prefer) hairy “otter” types, twinks, and really anybody with an interesting energy. There have been plenty of Sting Lads who turned me on in pictures who I didn’t care to watch (e.g., Darren), or vice versa (Damien). In any case, I love Xander’s hairy bottom AND Rudi’s jocky muscles and therefore I am so happy I own this video!

  3. I decided to take a chance with this video, and I bought it.

    Xander Hollister is not my physical type (too twinkish), and his acting (as usual) was a little too stoic for my taste. However, I knew about this beforehand, so I wasn’t too disappointed about his performance. I did like the precarious over-the-knee position Jerry Henderson had him in when he was spanked, however.

    Rudi Vallance’s performance was a bit of a letdown. Handsome, well-built Rudi has given demonstrative performances in other videos, but his acting in this video was decidedly stoic. That’s a shame, as he is one of my favorite models.

    Newcomer Jerry Henderson, however, was a pleasant surprise. He is not my physical type (not muscular enough, not handsome enough), so I wasn’t expecting much from the segment where he was spanked. However, his acting was properly demonstrative – very good. Rich also spanked him on the seat of his briefs as well as on his bare buttocks, which I liked. If Jerry can work out at the gym and develop his upper-body and thigh muscles a bit, he’ll make a good Sting spankee model.

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