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Here is the second compilation video, over one hour long and made up of a series of scenes featuring the ever popular and much spanked Sting Lad Tigger:
Below Sting’s Rich O’Shea speaks about Tigger
One afternoon, through the doors of the joint Sting Pictures and Clublads studio, in walked a pair of young lads who we all now know as Tigger and David. With a mischievous look in their eyes, it was clear they would have a great screen presence. During the years they worked for Sting Pictures they gave some brilliant performances from ‘My Borstal Days’ to ‘Tales From St Datchet’s Academy’.


In his model career with Sting Tigger developed a large following of fans This particular compilation features the films that Tigger will always be remembered for.


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By Bruce

3 thoughts on “Sting Lads Spanking Compilation 2: Just Tigger”
  1. Hello, I am a Chinese fan, may I ask how to join you as an actor? I am 190cm tall and 20 years old. I am a junior student. I am famous for my spanking circle in China.
    I have some photos and videos of myself on Twitter.

    1. Hi Jack Jie

      Thanks for the comment, I check the page on Twitter, It is very hot!

      If you wish to model for Sting please email stgpictures@msn.com with some pictures attached, and someonme will reply to you

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