The Sting Lads Only Fans Page has been updated with Behind the Scenes images from the Making of Tales From The Headmaster’s Study 12 – End of Term Tearaways

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By Bruce

4 thoughts on “Sting Lads – Only Fans Updated”
  1. Jaxon was the ideal model, enormously photogenic, and many of his pitch-perfect images have been recirculating this week. Curiously, though, he didn’t really do it for me as an actor.

    1. I guess it is all a matter of taste, personally I was very taken by young Master Radoc! LOL Last I heard he was pursuing a career in Music

  2. I believe Tales From The Headmaster’s Study Episode 12 isn’t Unlucky for Some (that’s 13) but(t) End of Term Tearaways, which accounts for Jaxon and Xander,
    but(t) haven(t quite worked out which scenes and stories Damien and the fourth spankee fit in

    1. Hi Fastifex
      Oops, you are right, it should have been End Of Term Yearaways. I have amended the posting.

      Damien Drake was not in The Headmaster’s Study 12. however, by the time that was made, Damien was working behind the scenes as part of the Sting crew. He is now a very accomplished film editor,with skills which should last him for life!!

      The actors in Headmaster 12 were Xander Hollister, Jaxon Radoc, Brad and Rudi Valance (plus Marco and, Toby Haines and Rich as the discipliarians)

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